Lash Conditioners: Hype or Help for Lashes?

Once, when purchasing an iconic Shu Uemura Eye Lash Curler, this writer complained to the salesperson that she had impossible-to-curl lashes. Said salesperson waved off my concerns, offering to show me how curled my lashes could be with the right technique and curler. After a series of crimps, she threw her hands in the air and asked if I had any Asian in my bloodline, since my lashes were resistant to curl. I had warned her!

So imagine my excitement at the influx of “lash conditioners” on the market, which lay claim to innovative technology that stimulated the growth, thickness and shine of lashes and eyebrows. I certainly desired longer, thicker and lusher lashes beyond what mascara did for my stick-straight, stubborn ones.

I road-tested two brands -all packaged in thin, 0.1 fl. oz columns with an applicator brush- that promote lash vitality and appearance via polypeptides, protein and vitamin-enriched formulas. It’s like taking a “One A Day”! While litigation has been enacted and red flags raised over the safety of earlier versions and formulations of the products which contained prostaglandin, a glaucoma drug, you may want to make sure you are extremely cautious when scoping out the lash conditioners, since there are dozens popping up on the market.

The brands that I tested were Rapid Lash Eyelash Renewal Serum, and MD Lash Factor, although other brands on the market include Beautylash MD and Marini Lash, which was reformulated after the original formula was recalled.

I used the products for the recommended 2-4 weeks but haven’t seen much improvement in my lashes yet, so the jury is still out. But then again, my eye framers are more intolerant than most and may require a longer trial period. That said, below is a handy “who/what/how/why” on lash conditioners.

Make sure the conditioner is physician formulated and ophthalmologist tested: For the safety of your eyes, do your research. Make sure the formula is endorsed and backed by eye care professionals, like Beautylash MD. Read the instructional insert slowly and surely and follow the directions to the letter!

Have patience: Most lash conditioners suggest nightly or twice-daily application for maximum results. So don’t go into the process expecting an overnight growth of batt-worthy lashes! Be disciplined and add the product to your nightly skincare routine, treating it like a part of your cleansing/moisturizing regimen. This process is more like a marathon than a sprint!

Be careful: Your eyes are sensitive, so use a steady hand! Thanks to a thin, precise tip, the conditioners are applied to the lashline much like liquid eyeliner, tracing from the inner to the outer corner. Do not get the lash conditioners in your eyes and don’t apply when wearing contact lenses. If you apply in the morning, wait until the product dries completely before using other cosmetics. Don’t use if you have any pre-existing eye condition.

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