Lip Gloss of the Month: Too Faced Melted

Less is more when it comes to summer. Whether it’s not wanting to wear tons of product or not wanting to weigh down your beach bag while not wanting to sacrifice oceanside or vacation glamour, sometimes you need to maximize while minimizing. A great way to do that is with Too Faced’s new Melted Liquified Lipstick.

The rich, bright, intense hued lipsticks come in squeeze tubes and they go bold so go easy. My suggestion is to apply and then blot and reduce the intensity with a tissue or dab it down with your fingers for an unfinished yet sexy look.

The finish is matte and it lasts all day, so you can apply once and go about your summer business without having to worry about wearing a face full of color to appear glam or about re-applying multiple times. Tuck it in your beach bag and you’re good to go.

My preferred shade is Melted Violet, which went on too bright initially, but I toned it down with first a tissue and then a fingertip blot. I was left with a stain and just enough color. It’s not drying, either. Melted Coral is the perfect summer shade, since it’s bright and juicy, while being matte but not chalkified.

The range also includes Melted Ruby, and my readers know that red lips don’t and never work me, and as soon as I applied it, I couldn’t wait to get it off, but when I was removing it with a baby wipe, it was a strawberry stain that I could live with. I felt very Bettie Page, given my newly shorn, above brow bangs. Melted Fuchsia was much the same. Dialing it down with a baby wipe left me with a stained pink lip.

So my tip is using a baby wipe or makeup remover towelette with a LIGHT touch to tone these rich colors down without removing them. It makes the product even more versatile, since you can turn it up or down as you wish and with a variety of tools, from tissues to towelettes to the tips of your digits.

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