Lip Gloss of the Month

EnvyDerm Lip Enhancement and Conditioning Plumper in Coco and Lola

A good gloss isn’t hard to find, especially when you are a beauty editor. EnvyDerm’s Lip Enhancement and Conditioning Plumper does everything its label says it does. I was supremely happy with the amount of shine that the clear-with-sparkle Coco deposited on my lips, and I certainly liked the candy floss hue of Lola, a baby pink that wasn’t as Pepto as it appeared in the sturdy rectangular tube. But I preferred the amped up sparkle of Coco.

I applied the first dose of the gloss at 5:32. It’s now 5:45 and I’m still tingling, baby. (G0 ‘head, baby!)

If you don’t mind the cinnamon-y sting of lip plumpers, then you’ll do just fine with EnvyDerm. If that “My lips feel like they fell asleep” rush that happens to, say, your ankle when you’ve sat on it for too long and then you get up to walk and the blood rushes to the surface and hurts like an MF, then you might not get down with this gloss.

I personally am fine with the minty “stingle” as I like to call it – since it tingles and stings at once. My lips were drenched in wet shine, which I like, with a tiny bit of sparkle.

It’s 5:49 and the stingle has started to subside slightly, but the lip look I like is in tact. Shinin’ bright like a diamond.

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