Lip Gloss of the Month: Exude’s Dusty Pink

Exude is one of my favorite new lip product innovations in recent years, and I’m a tough crowd since lip products (namely gloss) are my desert island items. Well, that and black eyeliner. And a toothbrush. Okay, so maybe I have a desert island travel pack that defeats the whole purpose of that question, but nevertheless, I crush –hard!!!- on Exude.

Need a refresher? It’s lipstick housed in a white tube with a revolutionary, clear applicator tip. Yes, it has a crystal tip to release the perfect amount of product with each swipe. It never melts, crumbles or gets crushed, nor does it magnetically attract any fallout that accumulates at the bottom of your handbag.

It’s essentially a super shiny liquid lipstick that comes in 8 shades in crème finish.

But there’s also gloss, packed with vitamins that make your pout soft and smooch-warranting. I didn’t notice too, too much of a difference between the lipstick and the gloss formulations, as they were similar in texture, taste and tingle.

I pledge my allegiance to Dusty Pink, which is just what it says it is. No bubblegum hue here; there’s a silvery sheen to this girlish shade. You’ll shine bright like a diamond in two swipes of an Exude gloss.

It’s also got a sweet, fresh taste like an after-dinner mint and there’s this cinnamon-like tingle on the pout. So it tastes and smells extra yummy, and your lips swell a little. If you don’t like the feel of a plumping agent and find it to be an irritant, you might struggle with this gloss. But not me. I love it.

Be a Pink Lady!

My perfect pairing suggestion? Smoky eyes made with MAC‘s frosty sheer pink Jest on the brow, the matte tan of Era on the lid to the crease and the sooty black Carbon smudged to imperfection at the upper lashline.

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