Lip Gloss of the Month: Flirt! Big Flirt Big and Shiny Lip Gloss

Bigger is better in all aspects of life, especially when it comes to what you paint your pout with. Flirt! Big Flirt Big and Shiny Lip Gloss comes packaged in a fat tube, with a fat brush, with extra large doe-footed wand. It has a fruity scent and leaves you with megawatt shine.

Pearl Power is pearl finished and best serves darker skin tones while Big Crush let’s you try the Bordeaux look without having to go matte. It’s a youthful take on the super current Fall/Winter wine lip look. You guys know I would go without food before I’d go without gloss, and I way prefer shine to matte, and gloss to stick at this point in my life, so this shade allowed me to play with the rich, stained, deep berry look, while retaining my obsessive need for shine. Another favorite choice for Sunday mornings when I only want to wear one or two products.

Big Pink Pop is exactly what its name suggests. It’s big! It’s pink! And it pops! It’s a daring girl’s shade, but it also allows you to take a baby step if you don’t want “look at me” hues on your lips. You can build as much color as you want depending on how many swipes of gloss you apply. One or two offers a sheer wash, while three or four ups the ante. Kaboom!

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