Makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin Shows Us He’s Still the Master of Makeup

Kevyn Aucoin (1962–2002) indeed was a man and makeup artist ahead of his time. Recently I attended a beauty editors event where I fortunate to see some of his original artifacts, such as mood boards and the actual products he used, as well as viewing the latest collection from the brand, which by the way, is divine. For many of us makeup artists over the age of 30, his books were among the first educational tools we got our hands on. Before YouTube and the internet tutorials of today, Kevyn Aucoin was showing us how to enhance ones beauty or transform it altogether. And contouring was just one of his specialties. He’s considered a pioneer in that art and wowed the world with it decades ago. In his very short but prolific career, Aucoin worked on the most famous women of the century – literally every celebrity, super model and some royal ladies were made more beautiful by his talented hands. Kevyn Aucoin started his own makeup line in 2001 and I am beyond thrilled that his legacy is being kept alive, especially with a stunning collection of cosmetics you know Kevyn himself would undoubtedly be ecstatic about.

A few of the brands releases include The Brow Gel Pencil, The Essential Eye Shadow Palette, The Contour Book V. 2.0., and The Sensual Lip Satin in Velvet

On display, we view the new Holiday collection and get to see actual makeup, swatches, and mood boards used by Aucoin for his clients, not to mention photography and artwork by Kevyn himself.

Actual lashes worn by various celebrities Kevyn Aucoin has worked on

Framed retrospective work, and quote at the event

Kevyn Aucoin’s Making Faces book – an International sensation, is a must have for anyone interested in understanding makeup.

Kevyn Aucoin and Liza Minnelli

Kevyn Aucoin and 90’s Super Model Christy Turlington

Kevyn Aucoin Artists were on hand doing makeup looks featuring the Fall and holiday 2015 collection

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