Makeup Best Bets: NARS Orgasm Blush Revamp, Revlon Brushes, Urban Decay’s Alice in Wonderland + So Much More!



Makeup brushes, engineered by a BMW Design Group subsidiary? Wait, what? Revlon’s new high tech makeup brush collection is aces. Since BMWs are high performance, sleek vehicles, should I expect the same sort of perfection from a complexion brush? Yes! These tools don’t disappoint. The ExpertFX brush heads are densely packed and feel rich and decadent. But it’s those handles that do it for me. The comfortable, diamond-cut shape makes them easy to grip and fit firmly in my hands. The better the grip, the better the application. I used the blush brush to apply NARS Orgasm (more on that below) to the apples of my cheeks and it was like I had never used the right blush brush before. Available in drugstores.


Urban Decay teamed up with Alice Through the Looking Glass for another palette and lipsticks. The palette is typical Urban Decay eye shadow palette turf: rich payoff, adventurous colors, endless options. But those Urban Decay x Alice in Wonderland lipsticks? OMFG. They are “must own.” My favorite is the shimmery nude Alice. But if you need a “go to” red, then you must get with Iracebeth. It’s an immovable matte that will stain your lips for days. DAYS!!!!!!!!


As a gloss fiend, Juicy Tubes were one of my fave glosses of the ’00s, along with MAC Lipglass. Lancome is bringing back delish-tasting, shiny lips with their Juicy Shaker. It’s a lip oil that you shake before applying so that you can mix the elements. Then simply dab onto lips with that oversized, sponge-tip applicator, building color and shine. It feels like a balm, smells like fruit, and lasts like a stain. I crush hard on the martini shaker packaging and the subtle wash of color this bad boy imparts.


It’s still Spring but it’s never too early to start protecting and pampering lips from the heat and rays of the sun, and continuing that habit through the summer. ChapStick’s Key Lime-flavored balm gets my vote. It’s got all the flavor, none of the calories, and endless protection and moisture. Available in drugstores.


I want to gobble up every product at the Milk Makeup kiosk at Sephora. It defines edgy. The Eye Vinyl in Tunnel is black, it’s glossy, it’s messy, and it makes that editorialized, wet look lid a reality. Wet products don’t usually fare well in the eye area. But if you want a moistened, sweaty, rock ‘n’ roll smudge, you will get it from this click pen. Perfection is boring AF.


Once you use liner.desiger by beautyblender, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Liner.Designer answers the ever popular question, “How do I create the perfect cat eye?” This rubbery, bendable, guitar pick-shaped tool lets you master the creation of the perfect flick. Rub it between your hands to warm it up so it sticks to your face; then place it wherever you want to draw your cat eye and it’s your perfect guide. The sides have varying shapes and lengths, so you can create any look you so desire, from a sweet little flick to extreme drama. It easily stores in its egg-shaped compact which you can use as a mirror when applying, since it has a suction cup attachment. With Liner Designer, your flick will always be on fleek.


The Makeup Show takes place in May, and in the editors preview bag I received some incredible products to TDF. To. Die. For. Seriously, you’ll want to pick up all of these pronto!

Crown, known for its signature makeup brushes, is offering up pro products under the Crown Pro umbrella. The Studio Glam Shadow Sticks are portable and I can tuck one in my pocket, my bag, whatever, for warm weather touch ups. Just twist up the crayon, swipe, and go about your beautiful business.

The bdHD Phase 2 Studio Series Brushes are essentials. The Face 968 brush lets you apply with one side and contour with the other, due to a bend the handle. Same with the 788 eye brush. I mean really!


Leave it to NARS to take a perfect product and make it better. Is that even logistically possible? Who cares as NARS iconic Orgasm Blush just got a big makeover. The limited edition, revamped version of the peachy pink blush that looks great on every woman and every skin tone has been upgraded to a bigger size and with new packaging. The matte black case is stamped with the NARS logo intertwined with the product’s name. The oversized compact’s mirror is stamped with #WhatMakesYouBlush, which is such a cute, cheeky hashtag.

There’s a model visual on the plastic protector sheet. The product itself? Well, it gives you that post-coital glow. I am not a huge blush person; that is, I don’t wear it daily. But it always makes such a difference when I do. NARS Orgasm makes me want to wear blush every day. The packaging makes me smile. Double endorphins released!


Alcone Company’s Make Off individually packaged wipes are perfection for lazy girls. One swipe and all the day’s product (and dirt) go bye-bye. Eyes. Lips. Face. Yes, you want these!

Check out these new makeup products, as I know you’ll be as excited about them as I am. You’re welcome.

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