3 Minimalist Makeup Summertime Essentials

These three makeup essentials  will keep you looking cool, fresh-faced, and radiant throughout the summer season.

A Subtle Tint That Hydrates and Plumps Up Your Lips

If you are in the mood for a beauty splurge, invest in Tinx + U Beauty’s Beauty Plasma Lip tint in Rom Com. This universally flattering tint is the perfect choice when you seek to create a fresh-faced natural makeup look. Although I have not noticed a huge difference in the volume of my lips after a week of twice daily usage, they are hydrated and smoother, plus I love the subtle pink coloring this tint provides. It’s the perfect subtle summer color!

The Mascara I Simply Cannot Live Without

I hate mascara and I will not wear false lashes. Therefore, I needed to find a new mascara that didn’t clump, irritate my sensitive eyes, or smudge and create a black raccoon mask around my eyes. Enter Lash Spell’s Nourishing Mascara. It doesn’t clump or look fake on my lashes and doesn’t irritate my eyes. It didn’t smudge and washes off in a jiffy without tugging or pulling. It also doesn’t dry out my lashes and made them look silky and healthier. My lashes have never looked better with or without mascara!

Powder Perfect

This isn’t your grandmother’s face powder. I always thought that face powders were too drying, flakey, and unnecessary but this powder changed my mind. RMS’ talc-free Hydra Setting Power is lightweight and it leaves my skin feeling softer and smoother and glowing with a polished, refined luminosity. Choose from three sheer shades to set makeup, keep oil at bay, and nourish your skin with plant-derived herbal actives and Beriti Oil.

Application Tip: I use a makeup brush instead of using the included applicator because it provides more control and I avoid losing product.







Rachelle Nones

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