An Interview with Celebrity Make Up Artist Kim Baker

We interviewed Kim Baker, celebrity make-up artist and founder of new color cosmetics brand, GLAMAZON Beauty.

What is the make-up look for this season?

The trending look of the season right now that I am loving is Terracotta make-up on eyes, lips and cheeks. It enhances our skin tones and works for everyone – and can take you from a day to a night look.

How to make brown and blue eyes pop, as well as charcoal eyes?

I love to make brown and blue eyes pop with eyeliner – and then take a liner in a bold color like indigo blue, and line it right above the black liner. This is such an amazing look, and you’re not limited to blue – try it with purple, green and gold. It’s a look that always works, and will make you appear to be a pro.

What are the best recommendations for lips? Little or a lot of color?

This is all determined by your mood. If you’re feeling yourself and want to make a statement, go for the opaque matte or a bold red -and if you are just looking to do a no make-up or more subtle look, dive into the gloss like Glamazon Beauty‘s Hydrating Lip Gloss. These glosses not only look fabulous, but feel soothing and great on the lips.

Are highlighters still important in cold weather?

Highlighters are amazing, but I will always opt for a cream lighter over a powder because I love the look of candlelight not headlights. When doing makeup, I want the woman’s beauty to shine through, not the make-up.

What about bronzers?

We love a great bronzer. It’s one of those products that works all year round to give us that sun-kissed look, even in the cold of winter. A bronzer should be one to two shades deeper than your skin tone, so that it looks natural. Bronzers get my stamp of approval and yes – bronzers work on brown skin, too.

Is it ok to add more blush?

A great blush should be an essential product in every woman’s makeup bag. The perfect shade of blush is used to create a flush of color and brightness to the entire face, so every make-up lover should own a pink, peach, and rose blush in a hue that works well for the skin tone. For blondes and brunettes I love Glamazon Beauty’s Cheek-N-Lip in the shade Coco Rose. For tan to black women, I love the shade Trophy Cheek-N-Lip, and it goes on like a dream. A small dot on the cheek goes a long way.

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