BEAUTY BEST BET OF THE DAY: Cargo Swimmables Collection

Summertime presents many dilemmas for makeup lovers. The heat and humidity can force you to forego a full face in favor of a light, breathable look. You might find yourself ditching product even when you don’t want to — simply due to the uncooperative, super sticky climate. But we get it — less is more in those situations. Well, Cargo’s Swimmables Collection is seeking to solve that problem. If you want to rock foundation, eyeshadow, liner, lipstick, and/or blush to the beach, have at it. The brand has created a suite of high performance products that are extremely pigmented and water-resistant. You can wear the matte liquid lippie or the waterproof blush or the clear mascara without worrying about making a mess. Say goodbye to smudges and smears. You won’t be forced to stifle your summer makeup creativity any longer.

It’s makeup magic! The blush is sweat-proof, streak-proof, and melt-proof. You can pile it on for a deep flush or just use a wash for a soft-focus glow. How does it work? Well, there are silicone-coated pigments that allow for better adhesion to the skin and help withstand water for extended wear. Seriously, though, don’t over think it! Just grab the fattest, fluffiest brush you can find and add some color to those cheeks. Then go ahead enjoy some time by the pool or take a dip without dreading how you look before and/or after!

Watch this video to see the Swimmables sorcery.

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