BEAUTY BEST BET OF THE DAY: Lord & Berry Black Eyeliner Wardrobe

Full disclosure and complete transparency — I am a black eyeliner fiend. Anyone who reads my beauty transmissions on the reg is well aware of this fact. I own or will try any formula, texture, type, edition, shade, brand, and iteration. I won’t leave the house without some form of black eyeliner on my upper lashline and lower, inner waterline. So when Italian makeup brand Lord & Berry’s Black Wardrobe landed on my desk, it was like heaven made its way to earth and my eyes. It’s like a closet full of LBDs for the eyes. I am sorry but there is just no way I can pick a favorite because there are so many and they are all beautiful and special and effective in their own sooty, inky, and charcoal-y way. They also do different things. Some smudge purposefully. Others stay put. Some are meant for the lashline. Others work well on the lid. Some are darker and silkier than others. Because #choices.

But I was partial to the Smudgeproof Eye Pencil, which sets in 30 seconds. The Line & Shade Pencil lets you do a smoked out eye. The Silk Kajal Kohl Eyeliner glides like a dream. The Kajal Stick will give the most defined, statement peepers of your life. The makeup deities love me. I know this because they created the Lord & Berry Black Wardrobe Eyeliner Collection.