BEAUTY BEST BET OF THE DAY: Profusion Palettes

If you are seeking affordable, easy to use, goof-proof, and plentiful palettes that travel and perform well, look no further than Profusion‘s palettes. They are packaged in black, so they give off the appearance of being both pro and expensive. But they don’t break the bank. They also provide plenty of options for your makeup looks. There are generous amounts of products and shades. The powder shadows blend like a dream. What else can you ask for?!

The Profusion Amber Eyes Palette is a suitable ‘n’ bronzy dupe for Urban Decay’s NAKED Heat, while the Nude Eyes Palette could sub for UD’s original NAKED palette. Each slim and rectangular palette features both shimmery and matte shades, so you can create looks with so much depth and alternating textures. They also come packaged with a dual-ended brush, so they are self-contained. Did we mention how affordable they are? These palettes are $6.99. So you can stock up on three or four and mix and match shades from each to create custom looks you never, ever repeat.

These palettes are perfect for the budding makeup junkie in your life. Also recommended are the Strobe & Glow Palette, which hosts nine highlighters. Therefore, you will glow like champion… or a goddess. The brand also explains how to use each product on the underside of the packaging.

The Profusion Pro Face Palette will be your travel buddy on any extended trip away from home because it’s loaded with neutral, day-to-night shadows, blushes, bronzers, and brow products.