Beauty Insider: Celebrated Seasonal Beauty & A Few Of My Favorite Looks From Fall/Winter 2013

Why do some women celebrate and try the latest trends in beauty while others never change their makeup styles? That’s an age-old question when it comes to makeup, but it has nothing to do with one’s creativity.

Although I am a makeup artist, I wear close to no makeup daily. On most days, I wear absolutely nothing. (Editor’s Note: Sam can get away with going makeup-free since she’s naturally stunning! But when she does does her makeup, it’s flaw to the less!)

But when I do wear makeup, it is pretty much the same style or variations of that style. I warn clients about the dangers of excessive makeup shopping throughout the year and encourage waiting seasonally to see what brands are offering, and the general direction of makeup trends.

Don’t be too quick to think you don’t need to step out your comfort zone. Keep in mind that your look was at one time new and probably a trend. Simply put, it’s all been done before.

If you limit yourself to the same old look all the time, it would be similar to eating the same thing for dinner or wearing the same outfit everyday. There is just no point in limiting yourself when there are so many options out there waiting for you to discover them.

Now on to some of my favorite trends from this Fall/Winter 2013 Runway:

The Grunge Look:

Pat McGrath (a Goddess to us makeup artists) makes mention of both grunge looks (and I’m a ’90s kid) as well as lots of geometric eyeliner designs. There is also the hip idea of “Undone Beauty,” which is blotting and smudging the makeup until it’s almost not there. In addition to all this reminiscing, we see a major Rouge Lipstick Revolution, as well as matte foundation finishes.

Geometric Eyeliner:

It’s everywhere! You’ve seen the swirls and designs drawn all around the eye with eyeliner, as well as sharp lines above and below the lid, or connected lines from every angle. Maybelline’s new Eye Studio Master Precise Liquid Liner can help you achieve these looks. This fine-tipped product never dries out, and the tip has not dulled or blunted from frequent use. Maybelline has brought so much to the beauty industry and they just keep getting more creative Their range of innovative and fun eyeliners has me back to appreciating the eyeliner craze.

The Matte Look:

For a long time, I shunned away from the idea of matte makeup, because all I can remember from the ’80s and ’90s was overly powdered and faded looks. Nowadays, a matte look is perfect for daytime as well as for people who have normal to oily skin. It’s a “best” pick for those with very oily skin. My favorite matte foundation comes from Nars – Sheer Matte Foundation. I tried a few ways to apply this foundation: with a Beauty Blender, my hands and a synthetic brush. The winner? None since they are all great. Make sure you use a primer and get ready for ultra modern and clean looking skin. If more coverage is wanted, apply concealer afterward where necessary.

Rouge Revolution:

Red Lipstick is where it’s at. Bold, creamy, matte and shiny, red is dominant in all forms. Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick has my endorsement for creamy, badass luxury. With just one swipe of the color, your lips will have maximum color and coverage. Press lips together to evenly distribute the rouge-like pigment. The packaging is the ultimate in high-end luxury and it feels like it will actually maintain the product. When dealing with red lipsticks, I allow a lip brush to assist me. To really perfect the shape of your lips, use one of Urban’s red lip liners after you apply the lipstick. No need to prime lips, either, as this product is so buttery that it will condition your lips.

In keeping with the matte trend, or if you are just not interested in such vibrant and rich lipsticks, Laura Mercier offers a sophisticated range of wine colored matte lipsticks dubbed Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip Colour. For this rouge season, check out colors Muse and Myth. When you are dealing with matte lipsticks, you want to make sure it is an actual intense color. Nude or super pale is not really ideal for matte use. Be sure you have conditioned your lips first –apply a lip balm before you start your makeup look and then blot before you apply the lipstick. Matte tends to recede lightly, so things might look a little darker before you apply to your lips. After you have applied your lipstick, take on of the paired lip liners from the fall collection to tie everything together.

Samantha Lennon, Makeup Consultant & Artist
“Your Makeup Artist”