Beauty: NEEN Side Eye Liner

Sometimes, all you really need and want is a no frills, simple, effective, super matte black pencil eyeliner to make your day. Neen answers the call with Neen Side Eye Liner. It’s a pencil that lines the upper lashline and inner lower waterline perfectly. It’s old school, requires sharpening, and you will love all of its sooty, smudgy, and smear-worthy goodness. Oh, and here’s a quick crash course on Neen — the brand was created by Jeanine Lobell of Stila fame. Neen is Lobell’s second act and it’s steadily asserting itself as on par with her first. But back to the Side Eye Liner. It’s saturated with color and doesn’t disappear on the quick. It’s effective, efficient, and “eye” love it!