Brighten Up Your Zoom Meetings With Rella Lipsticks

During a global health crisis where the majority of us are bound to our homes, it’s safe to say that the world’s collective approach to “getting ready” has changed. Mine certainly has! Gone are the mornings when I would wake up early to make up my full face before commuting into the office. Things are moving more slowly now out of necessity. And I have found that when it comes to makeup in the time of Coronavirus, a little goes a long way. I may be stir-crazy in my tiny New York City apartment, but something as simple as brushing my hair and putting on my lipstick makes me feel a little more ready to tackle the day.

Just a dab of one of the shades from Rella Beauty’s debut lipstick collection will brighten your upcoming Zoom meetings while simultaneously helping women in need. Rella Beauty is devoted to boosting the confidence of women over the globe with their buy-one-give-one initiative. For every lipstick purchased, Rella Beauty donates one to an underprivileged woman somewhere in the world.


Order Confidant, Rella Beauty’s best selling, neutral beige shade, online here.

Soul Sister

Order Soul Sister, Rella Beauty’s bold and fierce berry shade, online here.


Order Darling, Rella Beauty’s classic bright red shade, online here.

Made in Italy, all Rella Beauty lipsticks are vegan, cruelty-free, and made without any nasty ingredients like formaldehyde, artificial fragrances, BHT, BHA, phenoxyethanol, sulfates, silicones, phthalates, parabens, or talc.

Learn more about Rella Beauty, and their lipsticks, which suit all skin tones here.

Gemma Lolos

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