Colors and Concealer

Spring is my time to show up and bring my best face forward, which I’ve been doing with alleyoop and BAKEUP.

Alleyoop game face concealer
Bare faced and prepped, I reach for alleyoop’s game face, which blends skincare and makeup for one-and-done coverage. Aloe stem cell extract and rosehip oil work to hydrate and mimic the natural finish of skin. The doe foot helps me to apply precisely to my under eyes and blemishes. A built-in sponge helps me to blend out a game face in 1,2,3!


On to the color: thanks to BAKEUP, I can tap into my inner artist and match my eyes to the rainbows in the sky. BAKEUP is the brainchild of makeup artist Jo Baker and recording artist Grace Gaustad. The duo created a brand focused on fun and play through their palettes, gems, and skincare.

I’ve been dipping my brushes in their Micro Palm Palettes. These palettes are easy to travel with, small yet mighty, with major color payoff and a buttery texture on the skin. The pastel palette is like the dawn of a new spring, where fluffy clouds and misty rainbows mingle in cotton candy ice cream. I used the purple, pink, and blue for a dreamy defused eye look on a photo shoot. Easter is around the corner and I’ll be bringing this baby out for a dip-dyed eye look!

Dance clubs and glistening skin calls for the neon palette, a glowing LED fantasy. I did a half orange-green-yellow split eye before heading out to grind on the dance floor. Despite sweating, drinking, and merrymaking, my eyeshadow stayed put!

For everyday color, the primaries palette is my go-to. Easy to throw a color onto my eyes, say red… and pop on a red lip and boom: monochromatic in under five minutes.

Playbox Gems
This St. Patty’s day I used the rich green all over my lids and popped a few green and gold gems from the Playbox to jazz it up. This gem set makes all my sparkly daydreams come true with a quick peel, press, and glimmer! What’s not to love?

Daily Meltdown
At the end of a long day at a shoot or stumbling home after a rave, I slather on Daily Meltdown. This cleansing balm comes with a little scoop (hygienic!) that I use to apply the balm to my fingertips, warm it up, and apply to my face, saying so long to all traces of makeup, dirt, and pollution. I rinse, then continue on with my bedtime routine. This cloudy-balm is ease and luxury all in a little tub!