Donni Davy + Half Magic’s MAGIC FLIK Eyeliner

Eyeliner pens are truly a modern makeup marvel. We can choose from flexible or felt tips when perfecting the cat eye flick. Leave it to the disruptive makeup brand Half Magic, launched by Euphoria‘s Donni Davy to shake up the world of eyeliner pens with a calligraphy marker. MAGIC FLIK is blacker than black (the shade is dubbed Flikking Fierce, because of course it is!) and has a paddle-shaped tip, rather than the usual pointy tip. Be forewarned, though! It DOES take a few tries to get right. But once you do, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! The curved side allows you to create precise lines for daily looks, while the flat side lets you craft and draft experimental, dramatic, and bold lines for nighttime fun! Oh, and here’s a fun tip from Davy! You can use the thin edge to draw Twiggy-style lashes along your lower lash line. Go ahead, give it a try!