EXA: The Complexion Power Couple

Makeup sprays are polarizing. Some makeupistas nix them because why spray a mist on a fully made up face, risking a melting, runny mess if you overdo it? Others love it as the period on the end of your beauty routine’s sentence — setting your look for the day with a dose of dewiness. And then there are those of you who love them as a primer to prep skin for makeup. I look at setting sprays as both — a light liquid moisturizer that primes and as the last step in my daily routine.

EXA’s The Complexion Power Couple just earned a spot in my makeup bag because its Dual Shield Set + Glow Mist is EVERYTHING! The mist is ultra-fine and non-sticky, so it won’t undo everything you just did when applying makeup. It’s also packed with two serums that will shield skin from environmental aggressors, so you can use it before you makeup and after you makeup! And there’s more. The All In Complexion Sponge is vegan and velvety, with three edges so you can apply and blend your cream products with surgical precision and get into all the corners and contours of your face. It’s made of coconut shell powder, too! You can blast your sponge with the mist, rather than running it under the tap, since a moistened applicator helps you blend better.