Festival BFF Glitter

Attention ravers, EDM girlies, and the neon they/thems! I hope to hit up all the festivals (E-Forest I’m looking at you), and I plan on taking an army’s worth of glitter. How could I not, I have to be the most bejeweled! And here’s a glitter that helps to make my twinkling fantasies come true. Lemonhead LA glitters brings the glitz, glam, and gold (glitter that is). They brought Euphoria to life (they were the official glitters used on the show!) Personally, they have been making my days feel a little more magical. I’ve dipped into these lemon scented glitters everyday for my looks. Natural-ish sparkle to full light show, Lemonhead LA checks all the boxes.

Easy to use. Mess-free. High impact. Long lasting. Check. Check. Check. And triple check! I got the Spacecase® Pro Bundle, which contains Spacecase® Classics and Festival Remix PRO Palettes. These airtight cases are perfect for artists of all types, with trays that are super portable and make it convenient to pop on a little glitter-glam!

Classics contains some of their best selling spacepaste shades. My personal favs (all of them, of course, but if I had to pick) are Houdini and Adult Film (two Illuminating shades, which means subtle sparkle… think of a highlighter) and Viper (a holographic lime green). I mixed Houdini, which has appeared on the likes of Beyoncé (!!), a shifting now-you-see-me lavender and clear glitter with Viper, for a green and purple grape-like combo. It felt like a mesmerizing miniature LED show on my eyelids and cheeks that I couldn’t stop looking at…

For my nights out downtown Festival Remix finds its way onto my fingertips and onto my face. I use the UV light reactive glitters, Hollyweird (neon pink) and Electric Daze (neon butter yellow) to make a statement on and off the dance floor. For extra-extra, I dab Party Favor (a gazillion of different sparkles packed into a vibrant mixture) onto my cheekbones for a chaotic pop. Lemonhead LA has become a staple in my makeup routine and will continue to be into this festival season!