Get a Free Virtual Makeover with trèSTIQue

Can you really get an accurate color match for your makeup on Zoom? The answer is “Yes,” if you use trèSTIQue. I admit that I was skeptical when I arranged a Zoom makeup consultation with trèSTIQue. How many failed foundations do I have from in person color matches? Too many. So, I did not have much faith that anyone could color match a foundation for my African American skin over Zoom. But I was very wrong.

When I met my consultant, Kendall, all my skepticism melted away, and I felt safe and in good hands. This consultation starts with understanding your specific makeup needs. Your consultant will find out what makeup you wear regularly and what colors you prefer, before suggesting some options.

My video consultation was very much a give and take, where I expressed my preferences and Kendall offered choices of different shades of foundation, cheek, and lip color. At the end of my consultation, I felt as if I selected every shade, and my choices represented my lifestyle. I knew this was makeup I would use, rather than be relegated to my box of orphan makeup. When my new makeup arrived, I fully expected that at least one shade would not work, but I loved them all. I especially like that trèSTIQue makeup sticks have application tools built in at the other end so there is no need to touch your face or lips.

Do not hesitate to try this service because you have all the power to decide the shades you want. Once your makeup arrives, you will probably love it all, but in case you do not, you can return it or exchange any of it for other colors. My advice is to choose two different lip shades if you are not sure which one you might prefer. Also, trust your consultant’s foundation recommendation. Kendall perfectly matched my skin tone, which is not easy to do, even in person.

The brand is now offering a free video consultation service to their customers during the hours of 2-10pm EST Monday-Friday. Just visit,, where you can make an appointment to speak with a member of the team and receive your very own instant shade match. You can also use a video chat for any makeup questions or tutorials you want.

The consultations typically take only 10-15 minutes, which is a small amount of time to invest in receiving some great long-lasting advice.