Grow Your Brows for Bold Summer Symmetry

Thick, luscious, bold-looking brows, long lashes… who does not dream of fuller arches and lengthier lashes? Brows accentuate your features and frame the face to give it more symmetry and expressiveness. Lashes enhance your peepers with unequivocal sultriness and drama. Unfortunately, both tend to grow thinner as we age. Over-plucking your brows when you are in your teens can also affect your brows’ growth in adulthood. Have you noticed that at a certain point they just stop growing back? Helping your brows and lashes to regrow or grow fuller can be achieved with brow serums. Do they really work? Yes, but you must be patient and disciplined, applying the formula twice a day for at least four to six weeks.

With ethically derived human stem cells, Factor Five has developed a clean, cruelty-free Eye and Lash Cream to help grow back lost hair or simply help you keep brows and lashes full and luscious. It’s a lotion that you need to apply twice a day to your brows, lashes, and eye area for 4 to 6 weeks to see results. Don’t skip one evening. If the sides of your brows are growing sparse, use it and you will start seeing a slim line reappear after a month. Keep applying the product to keep it growing back once you see the line. Safe for everyday use, Factor Five is prostaglandin-free and will not change the color of your eyes. There are no parabens, mineral oils, sulfate detergents, phthalates, urea DEA or TEA. By using stem cells, you can boost your arches and lashes safely for a fuller, rejuvenated loo at

Recently launched, The European Wax Center Brow Building Serum helps your thinning and sparse brows to regrow with a combination of rice protein and provitamin B5. The ingredients bolster sparse, weak-looking arches in 4 to 6 weeks. Always apply twice a day. The healthy formula is safe to use with contact lenses. Ph-balanced, ophthalmologist-tested and cruelty-free, it can also be used on eyelashes. In 30 to 60 days, this special formula made just for brows will thicken the arch of your brows and help you keep them full for months (if you keep using it). Don’t give up if you do not see any results for the first 30 days! Keep applying it and you will see these arches get thicker and especially sparse hairs on the edges rebuilt. Bolder-looking brows will revive even if you over-plucked them. Suitable for all skin types. Order it at

The European Wax Center can help you thicken your arches while they regrow with its Brow Powder Duo kit that helps create bolder brows with a powder combination and gel. The Brow Powder Duo lets you fill in your sparse hairs with a rich color hue that blends easily with your shade. After applying the color, top it off with the Brow Gel to keep the color secure all day without any stickiness. Find it at

While you grow them back, your brows can seem instantly fuller and more attractive with a new powder technology discovered in Asia and recently launched in the US. The Emilie Heathe Brow Powder adheres to your brows and fills them upon contact. This new type of powder technology is applied with an innovative doe-foot applicator to create a blended and natural look for your brows that is never overdone, artificial and weird. The brow powder comes in a universally flattering mid-to-dark-toned brown called Umber and is suitable for most hair shades. The formula also nurtures the skin below. Green tea extract, honey and sunflower seed wax keep brows healthy without clogging pores below or weakening hair like some products on the market.

How to use:
Start toward the middle of your brow.
Apply light strokes to fill in any sparse areas, working your way to the end of your brow.
Use the remaining product on the applicator to blend and fill in the front of your brow.
Apply in the morning and you are good until bedtime.
This is a terrific brow filler to be found at

Another fantastic eyebrow pencil & gel duo was recently launched by C’est Moi in their One of One Capsule Collection created by actress Liza Joshy. The clean EWG VERIFIED™Browista Eyebrow Duo boosts your brows and keeps them in shape! One end of the pencil allows you to shape and fill in your arches while the other end is made of a small brush to even the product and keep it in place. After drawing a line with the pencil from the middle of the brow to the end, apply the brow gel delicately. Recommended for people with sensitive skin, the clean Browista Eyebrow Duo comes in 5 complementary shades.

1. Pumpkin Spice (Auburn)
2. Caramel Drizzle (Blonde)
3. Light Latte (Light Brown)
4. Medium Macchiato (Medium Brown)
5. Dark Double Shot (Dark Brown)

Find the full collection at .