Half Magic Face Pearls

Half Magic was created by Euphoria makeup director Donni Davi and we’re big fans of the brand – and Davi’s ability to embody the show’s characters via their makeup looks. Makeup style is integral to expressing yourself as your sartorial choices. The latest Half Magic, well, magic, is the brand’s Face Pearls. They are makeup accessories and adornments — they are basically jewelry for your face. The medical-grade adhesive ensures that the lustrous iridescent or bold metallic pearls last into the wee hours of the morning. You can create any design you wish, depending on how you place them. Trace your browlines. Add to the outer corners of your eyes. Pop a few around your Cupid’s Bow. Create a heart on your face. Mimic teardrops. Do as you wish and create your Face Pearl rule book. They are also a reminder that while makeup expresses who you are, it can also be purely playful.