Harmony Lipgloss Is On Fire

Cheekbone Beauty is where style, sustainability, and community meet. This Indigenous-owned brand seeks to empower Indigenous youth by fostering education and representation in the beauty space. Founder Jenn Harper honors her Anishinaabe roots in the products’ names and her sustainable business initiatives. The brand’s aesthetic is bright, funky colors with clean, vegan, and cruelty-free products. At the core of Cheekbone Beauty’s mission is respect for the planet and humankind.

I recently tried Cheekbone Beauty’s Harmony Lipgloss and was impressed by the deeply saturated color range. These pops of color are showstoppers, letting the confidence of the wearer shine through. I chose the Fire shade, which looked like the perfect choice for a night out. The deep crimson pigment has a timeless sophistication. Its bold hue calls to mind Old Hollywood glamour. The formula was lightweight and moisturizing, leaving my lips feeling refreshed and renewed. Harmony Lipgloss contains ingredients like fair trade shea butter and sunflower seed oil so you never have to worry about chapped lips. My lips felt softer and fuller with repeated applications of the product. The gloss melted seamlessly with no sticky residue left behind. The Fire shade gave my lips a plush, red carpet-worthy pout.  

My dazzling experience with Harmony Lipgloss made me eager to stock up on the brand’s other Earth-inspired tints, which include Birch, Pink Moon, Sweetgrass, and Wild Berry

Aside from the enchanting range of colors, each Harmony Lipgloss is refillable. The outer container is an alluring hot pink that makes it easy to find in your purse. It’s made from natural and renewable bio-based material, and only needs to be purchased once. After you’ve used your last drop of gloss (and believe me, you’ll want to use every drop!) you can pop in a refill container. Cheekbone Beauty’s sustainable swap helps the planet and lowers your carbon footprint.

If you are looking for refillable lip glosses with enchanting colors, check out Cheekbone Beauty’s Harmony Lipgloss line. With bold hues, safe ingredients, eco-friendly products, and community-minded values, Cheekbone Beauty is a brand on the rise. 

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