I Tried A Color-Changing Lip Balm And Now I’m Obsessed

I’ve tried more than 100 lip balms to find the perfect shade for my skin, and without luck. I’m looking for a personalized lip color without sacrificing hydration. It’s safe to say that this is no longer a problem with Winky Lux‘s line of color-changing lip balms that create a tailored hue.

Winky Lux is focused on making statements and leaving impressions, and I’m proof that this is true. The cosmetics brand was founded by Natalie Mackey and Nate Newman, friends for more than 17 years, who decided that the serious business of beauty was well overdue for a happiness overhaul. They had three main goals in mind: create joy when you see their products with beautiful packaging, make products that will actually work, and continue that energy all the way until the products are thrown away with plastic neutral packaging. They push the boundaries on what can and can’t be done by combining science and sass. Their entire makeup line contains effective formulas with clinically proven ingredients without sacrificing the fun of makeup.

With their mantra set in mind, they created color-changing lip balms. Their collection blends with your natural pH and transforms into your perfect pink. Each of their products are individually crafted for you with their own sense of uniqueness.

Flower Balm

Their best-selling vegan pH lip stain glides on clear, then emerges to a personalized shade of pink. There is a real chrysanthemum flower inside each lip balm that makes it look just as pretty on your makeup counter as it does on your lips.

Confetti pH Lip Balm

Their Vanilla-Scented Confetti Balm will add a sparkling touch to your lips. The color-enhancing formula applies clear and leaves the lips looking perfectly pink with a hint of shimmer. The dissolving confetti is made with ocean-safe glitter.

Glimmer pH Balm

Similar to the confetti balm, the Glimmer Balm applies on clear then responds to you skin’s pH-levels to create a natural shade of pink with a perfect hint of sparkle. The product is also vanilla scented leaving your lips smelling as good as they look. The glimmer balm comes in ‘Unicorn’ and ‘Rosé.’

Rainbow Tinted Balm

This tinted balm is unique to the entire collection. The Rainbow Balm features a red and orange stripe, which is where the tinted technology lies, while the blue strip is pH-activated for a cherry pink finish. This pineapple-scented balm is infused with jojoba oil for a smooth, demi-shine finish.

Watermelon Jelly pH Lip Balm

The Watermelon Jelly Balm is the perfect addition to your collection. This watermelon candy-scented lip stain delivers a juicy yet understated finish. It adds a summertime touch for all seasons to the personalized pink long-lasting stain.

Amethyst Balm

If you’re a fellow crystal-loving gal, you’ll love this amethyst-inspired color. The most powerful and protective stone will add protection, serenity, and inspiration to your beauty routine. This new vegan pH balm transforms your lips into a most flattering purple pink with a subtle shimmer. It is also infused with ceramides for hydration.

Each of these lip balms are made with the best clean ingredients. Winky Lux has proven that you can have fun with your makeup routine while achieving perfect results.