In the Hot Seat With BOXY Girl CEO + Founder Hannah Serimian

BOXY Girl organizers will change your life. Have you ever purchased a product, forgetting or not realizing you already have it because you have yet to find a storage solution or system that works for you? I have done that dozens of times. While backups are nice, they are not always necessary. They also waste money. BOXY Girl’s high-end, clear lucite storage systems and cases will save you space, time, and money. They will make your morning routine more efficient, since everything is visible and easy to reach. The female-founded brand is all about intelligent design and customizable systems. If you want your vanity to resemble that of your fave MUA, influencer, or Marie Kondo, and want to post “top shelfies” of your product assortment to your Insta, this system aids in that process.

BOXY Girl organizers are life-saving, space-saving, game-changing, and really help you to choose the products you want to face the day. They have eliminated so much stress and anxiety from my makeup-loving and collecting life. You can spend all the cash in the world on your products but if you don’t keep them properly or efficiently stored, you aren’t going to get the most out of them. BOXY Girl eliminates that problem.

The BOXY Girl cases are simple and beautiful! Therefore, I had to get some insight from brand founder and CEO Hannah Serimian. She shared her tips on how to get the most out of your BOXY Girl setup and talked about branching out into skin care.

For serious makeup users, your storage system is super helpful in keeping stuff visible and reachable. What is the one tip you recommend for keeping makeup and product organized, or how to get the most out of your storage system?
Keep your BOXY organizers clean! Periodically rearrange and clean your BOXY and other beauty essentials. Set time aside to clean your brushes and wipe your products down. Make it a self-care ritual! Because staying organized and connected to our treasures reminds us of what we have and evokes gratitude. Staying organized with BOXY also saves us $$$$$! We like to say buy less, buy better, buy BOXY. Caring for ourselves includes choosing products and brands that enrich our lives. BOXY is designed for this purpose– to be useful, lasting and BEAUTIFUL!

Any tips for rotating product in the system?
As seasons change and we feel the natural cycles of life, it is a perfect time to transition your BOXY. Change up your color palettes for makeup and rotate your favorite skin care products based on your skin’s needs. Seasonally is also a great time to clean and re-organize your BOXY! We benefit by being more connected to nature and ourselves by paying attention to our skin, and showing ourselves care by using products we love.

What product do you have the most of in YOUR BOXY Girl boxes and why?
What I use the most in my BOXY TRAY is my absolute must have Boxy Girl Beauty x Julia Cantu facial serums, STRENGTH and NOURISH. I am truly obsessed with my all-natural handcrafted BOXY serums. I love that our serums not only make your skin look and feel amazing, but also connect you to nature with potent plant botanicals and essential oils. PURE and handmade with LOVE!

I am a diehard Tom Ford beauty fan! My BOXY is filled with Tom Ford lipsticks and fragrances. Fun fact: when I designed the BOXY LIP STACK, I intentionally designed the compartments to fit Tom Ford lipsticks. His packaging is beautiful and intentional — all the things BOXY strives to be.

What makeup storage solution do you think Boxy Girl solves best/most?
All of it! Being organized saves us time and money. We are busy moms, wives, friends, sisters, and business owners. Having the BOXY organization system helps us all be more productive. We are in a beauty revolution. Having our products out on the counter is very empowering and with BOXY you can do that beautifully/ Because the BOXY vanity system is customizable, your BOXY is unique to you, it is YOURS. It is personal.

Tell us about your foray into skincare — why did you go that route?
I have always envisioned BOXY as a lifestyle brand. I design products that solve more than one problem. I am guilty of being a beauty and skincare product hoarder — well, maybe enthusiast! BOXY is really about enjoying what you have and loving what you have, so in that way, I am now more intentional about the products that I use on my skin. First, is it the product healthy? Second, does the product work? Third, how is this made and with what? For years I put products on my skin that were filled with chemicals and downright unhealthy. I have spent many years in research and development to bring cosmetics and skincare to the BOXY brand. When I began using Julia’s (BTW she is a badass lady boss — check her out @juliacantuskincare!) products, I was instantly hooked. I saw results, but I also felt really good about using all-natural handcrafted products on my skin. Julia and I partnered up in 2018 to bring a simple, versatile skin care routine to our BOXY babes! We launched with fixe BOXY Beauty skin care products and the reception has been fantastic. There is something very special about two women coming together to create pure and natural skincare for other women around the world!

Any plans for makeup products in the future?
YESSSS!!! We are looking for the right partner to develop a makeup line that meets our BOXY criteria! If we don’t love it, then it’s a NO! Stay tuned…

Favorite high-end product?
Tom Ford Tabacco Vanille perfume. I think Tom made this fragrance for me… JK/

Favorite drugstore find?
Burt’s Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm.