Jason Wu Beauty Milk & Honey Kit

If you’ve been wanting to sample designer Jason Wu‘s makeup brand, this limited edition holiday eyeshadow set is the way to do it! The Jason Wu Beauty Milk & Honey Kit is a holiday offering that includes a nine-pan eyeshadow palette of blendable and bronzy mattes in cocoa tones. There’s also a primer that ensures these supremely saturated and easy-to-use shadows stay put through the last drink at the company holiday party and after the last Secret Santa present is opened! If it’s that smudgy, bronzy, “I slept in my makeup” look that the Olsen Twins have perfected that you seek, you will find it with this set. It’s limited edition but DO NOT WAIT for it to go on clearance after the holiday season has ended. Instead, grab two while you can. It’s too good to snooze on. Your lids — or those of whomever you gift this set to — will thank you. Twice.