Juicy Couture Liquid Velour Eye Paint

Juicy Couture sweatsuits dominated the ’00s when Britney, Paris, and Lindsay all reigned supreme and dictated style. While velour tracksuits have are nothing more than nostalgic these days, the brand’s beauty arm has dropped the Juicy Couture Liquid Velour Eye Paint. It’s an iridescent and creamy formula that give you shimmering, wet-look, and high impact lids.

You can apply with the applicator and smudge with your fingers for a wash of color. There’s My Fur is Faux( iridescent lilac), Champagne Showers (light gold with pink flash), and Where is My Tiara? (shimmery magenta) and you can add as much as little as you want depending on your makeup mood. The Velour Eye Paints dry down to a shimmery, powdery finish.