Keep Those Lips Looking Luscious with SHESPOKE Nude Balms

SHESPOKE, the bespoke beauty bar that recently gained headlines for their “I’m Speaking” lipstick collection honoring Kamala Harris, has recently launched three fabulous sheer-eccentric nude balms that come as a collection called Quarantine With Me or sold separately to keep your lips in tip-top shape while you at spend much more time in your home.

• Breaking Down Boxes: The Amazon deliveries are endless. BDB is a warm, super sheer nude with a hint of iridescent reflex to give it a glow. Why not nourish your lips while organizing the recycling?
• Contactless Delivery: A romantic rosy nude balm with a lot of golden gleam, wear CD to soften up those lips. There has to be someone they can come into contact with? 
• Cabin Fever: All dressed up with nowhere to go. This nourishing nude lip and cheek balm is packed with shimmers and sparkles. To be used when your pent up lips need a little party. 

These super cute balms not only keep your lips moisturized and nourished all day, but are free and clear of any ingredient that would be considered on the “dirty list” in the beauty industry. The company emphasizes “If you are putting it on your face, as far as we are concerned, it should be clean and beautiful. There is no excuse for animal testing these days, so yep to that. And we are vegan… except for beeswax. We’re Beegan.” All SHESPOKE products are handcrafted and batch made by expert color artisans with the consumer in mind. 

SHESPOKE is co-founded by Law & Order colleagues Stephanie March who is best-known for her role as ADA Alex Cabot, and Rebecca Perkins who was head of the makeup department. After many years of spending 14-hour days together, they decided to create their own brand and from that moment, SHESPOKE was born.

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