Live Tinted’s NEW Hueskin Serum Concealor Does It All

Remember when concealer options used to be a horrid mess between coverage but cakey or a slightly tinted liquid that went on “smoothly” but was basically glorified watercolor paint? Makeup has come a long way and thankfully so. As a girl with Sicilian genetics, I’ve always had dark under eye circles. ( Not getting enough restful sleep probably doesn’t help either. )

Live Tinted Hueskin Serum Concealer with founder Deepica Mutyala

Concealer has always been a part of my shopping necessities. I remember perusing the shelves at pharmacies and trialing concealers my friends would suggest. Most would do me dirty.

Concealers needs to meet a certain criteria:

  • Match your skin tone
  • Provide coverage over dark spots and blemishes
  • Does not dry out your skin.

These seem so simple but concealers used to not hit these three points. My olive skin tone would be met with shades either too pink or too dark. You would also be surprised how many concealers do not actually CONCEAL anything.

Finally, when you did find a concealer in your shade that provided coverage, it would also dry out your skin. Since I used concealer on my under eyes a lot I had to be careful. The skin under your eyes is thin and very sensitive after all.

Live Tinted Hueskin Serum Concealer from Deepica Mutyala different shades

So, I’ve tried a lot of concealers. Lucky for me a new one has just entered the market. Live Tinted, the beauty brand from Deepica Mutyala, has just released a new concealer that’s raising the bar for concealers on the market – the Hueskin Serum Concealer.

Deepica Mutyala, who you may know from her 2015 viral makeup video using red lipstick to cover her under eye area, created Live Tinted as a beauty brand for all tinted skins. This really shows in the Hueskin Serum Concealer.

Live Tinted Hueskin Serum Concealer from Deepica Mutyala in Shade 15
Live Tinted Hueskin Serum Concealer from Deepica Mutyala in Shade 15
Live Tinted Hueskin Serum Concealer from Deepica Mutyala in Shade 3
Live Tinted Hueskin Serum Concealer from Deepica Mutyala in Shade 3

This light-weight concealer comes in 20 glorious shades that will match even the most nuanced of undertones including rosy, golden, neutral, cool, and olive. I was able to find a shade for my previously confusing undertone that was both olive and neutral. I tried both 16 and 17 and both would fit. While slightly different, the lighter shade is perfect for the winter season when my skin lightens up.

The concealer also acts to improve skin over time with its key ingredients of niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, bakuchiol, and caffeine.

Live Tinted Hueskin Serum Concealer from Deepica Mutyala in Shade 4
Live Tinted Hueskin Serum Concealer from Deepica Mutyala in Shade 3

Niacinamide will help to brighten your skin and improve its texture.

Hyaluronic acid is known for retaining moisture in the skin.

Bakuchiol is like a retinol replacement by helping collagen production, reducing hyperpigmentation and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Caffeine helps to brighten and illuminate the skin by reducing blood flow. It’s especially great for the under eye area.

Live Tinted Hueskin Serum Concealer from Deepica Mutyala close up

At the end of the day though, a concealer has to actually CONCEAL dark spots and blemishes. The Hueskin Serum Concealer provides an astonishing amount of medium to full coverage.

Upon my personal trial, I went in skeptical about how much coverage it would actually provide ( don’t mind me and my trust issues). However, one swipe and I was surprised at how opaque the formula was for something that had such a smooth and light texture.

The concealer was super easy to apply and also blended well into my skin and other makeup products. It is technically build-able. However, I found the coverage to be perfect with just one layer.

Live Tinted Hueskin Serum Concealer from Deepica Mutyala in Shade 8

The Hueskin Serum Concealer goes above and beyond what a concealer can do. It has the perfect creamy, lightweight formula. It provides incredible opaque coverage. It has nourishing serum components to brighten your skin and improve texture with usage. It also is vegan and cruelty free as being a product of the Live Tinted brand.

Last of all, it’s at the reasonable price of $26.

You can purchase this amazing concealer on

The Hueskin Serum concealer is also available at and available in-store at Ulta Beauty starting 9/3.

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