MAC Prep + Prime

Few things make me happier than hearing “new MAC products”. From the bold colors of the products to the sleek black packaging, it doesn’t get much better. So imagine my joy when I was told that MAC has just launched a collection of primers called, appropriately, “Prep+Prime“. Color-free and non-textured, these products prepare the lashes, lips, eyes and skin for makeup. (The day I wore these primers out for a test-drive, incidentally, I had several women at my office compliment my makeup and ask what I had done differently. Other than the primers, it was my usual beauty routine, so I guess that’s a pretty good endorsement!)

I have purchased more skin primers and bases than I care to even think about, particularly considering the prices I’ve paid for them. I haven’t been truly satisfied with one yet – too watery, too white, too glittery, too purple, too greasy. MAC’s Prep + Prime Skin, however, has been the best thus far. Formulated with special-effect silicones, it appears slightly shimmery on the skin, but in a lovely, light-reflective way. It blots away excess oil, evens out skin redness and, in my case, helped my makeup to last through a torrential downpour. At a price of $20.00, you can’t go wrong with this one.

The lip primer is a colorless base, slightly creamy but light in texture. It lightly moisturizes your lips (something I personally am always in desperate need of, no matter the season), and smoothes and refines their texture. An interesting thing about this primer is that – used alone – it mattifies your lips, which I liked when going for a completely matte look.

Prep+Prime Eye is a very lightly textured cream base for the eyelids – so light that I wasn’t sure I even had any on my finger when I touched it! A little of this goes a long way, and $15.00 gets you a good-sized jar of the stuff. This primer is used to smooth textures and neutralize lid color, and I found that it really helped grab and intensify the color of the shadow. Prep+Prime Eye is currently available in five shades (Light, Medium, Medium Dark, Dark, and Deep Dark).

Prep+Prime Lash is a white coat of “pre-mascara” that dries to a clear base. It smoothes and conditions your lashes, helping mascara goes on smoother and more evenly – and thus preventing those horrible mascara clumps that we all hate so much. Using this primer vastly improved the application of my always-too-wet mascara, and is a real keeper.

MAC cosmetics are available through, MAC stores worldwide, Sephora, and in many department stores – check the website for the location nearest you!