Move Over Liz (Taylor) Violet Eyes Work For Every Girl

Anyone who’s ever seen Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Butterfield 8, The Sandpiper, The Last Time I Saw Paris or any number of films in her resume, has witnessed the charm of Dame Elizabeth Taylor’s violet coloured eyes. This month, Interview Magazine has done an amazing tribute to Elizabeth, to celebrate her 75th birthday…if you have the chance to pick up a copy, I highly recommend it. I mean, who cannot simply adore a woman who famously said, “You can’t cry on a diamond’s shoulder and diamonds won’t keep you warm at night. But they’re sure fun when the sun shines!”

Anyhow, back to the eyes: most of us were not blessed with Liz’s violet-eye genes (or her astounding jewelry collection!) but this season we’ve been given the next best thing.

Photo by Therese McKeon

The highly anticipated, eagerly awaited Bobbi Brown Violet Face Palette is the must-have item for chic girls-on-the-go this season. With three eye shadows, one blush and three lip glosses…it’s all you’ll need to give your face the kiss of violet perfection. The colours in the compact are all (with the exception of the Mahogany shadow) exclusive to this collection. You won’t want to miss out on the Orchid Shimmer Wash eye shadow…or the Golden Violet Shimmer lip gloss. One word of advice: Choose one thing to focus on. This palette works because you have options and can take either your eyes or your lips to the heights of purple passion, while giving you options to keep the other area neutral. And they Baby Violet blush works with virtually any skin tone, adding just the right amount of cool pink to the apples of your cheeks.

Photo by Therese McKeon

If you’re still not sure about the violet trend, try Bobbi’s Heather Pink lipstick, with just a touch of plum, or the Ultra Violet Shimmer Wash eye shadow – for a sheer wash of violet across the eyelid. Available at