My Five-Minute Vacation Makeup Routine 

Take a trip with me to the land of good vibes and sunny skies in Costa Rica! I am living “Pura Vida” A.K.A. “pure life”. I live out this motto by sunbathing, swimming in the coastal sea, and eating my body weight in plantains.

inde wild

Before I do any easy living I must put a little makeup on to enhance my sun-kissed appearance. For sun protection I drop inde wild’s 12% Zinc Oxide, SPF 50+ 8-in-1 serum onto my face.

Their mineral sunscreen is made for all skin tones from deep to light. My medium brown skin tends to go ghostly with mineral sunscreens which are difficult to spread, sit uncomfortably on my skin, and most annoyingly… turn my skin into a streaking mess with an unsightly white cast.

The 12% Zinc Oxide, SPF 50+ serum only requires a couple of drops to cover my whole face. The result is a glistening glow that lasts all day. It comes in a 1 ounce TSA-approved bottle. It is perfect to keep in my makeup bag from inde wild.

The On The Glow bag is an adorable patchwork bag that is soft and spacious for everyday use and traveling.

I keep my daily necessities from cotton buds to band-aids in this bag and stash it away in my tote bag before heading to the beach.

My lips need love too and I found the perfect balm. The Dewy Lip Treatment is a medium texture salve that locks in moisture and protects my pout from harsh rays, salt water, and sipping margaritas. Dewy Lip Treatment is unscented, unflavored, and vegan making it perfect for all types of lips.


Alleyoop: Go the Distance Mascara

My eyes are behind sunglasses during the day. Once the sky grows dark you can find me in Go the Distance: a vegan and cruelty-free mascara from Alleyoop. This tubing mascara strengthens lashes for a sky-high flutter that turns heads. I apply Go the Distance on my lashes in two coats for an extra bold look since the rest of my makeup is pretty simple.

I love this mascara since the biotin and clean formula helps to grow my lashes the more I wear it. When I am at the beach and water splashes on my face Go the Distance goes the distance! I notice no flakes or running eyes which is ideal since I have sensitive eyes. Once I apply this mascara from Alleyoop, I’m out the door and off to an adventure in the golden sun!