PHYTO-C’S HYPER-HYDRATE is the Moisture Bomb to End Your Dry Spell

Parched skin. White flakes. Fine lines that seem to deepen by the day. If any of these sound familiar, then I’m talking to you — Phyto-C’s HYPER-Hydrate needs to be in your skincare rotation. The superstar ingredient in this jar of dewy goodness is hyaluronic acid, but wait — before you tell me you already use HA — is yours formulated with gradient layer technology? Phyto-C combined three molecular weights of hyaluronic acid to provide sustained hydration—meaning the results are not only instant, but because of the consistent absorption through different layers of skin, they’re delivered throughout the day. Your skin will be immediately dewy and refreshed, and any fine lines will fade a bit now that your skin is plumped up with moisture. HYPER-Hydrate also includes Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5 and L-Proline. Vitamin B3 (aka as ingredient-of-the-moment niacinamide) helps strengthen skin, banish dullness, and make you nice and glowy. Vitamin B5 helps repair your natural skin barrier while L-Proline, an amino acid, improves elasticity and helps keep skin smooth and hydrated.

I love that this serum feels substantial and even a bit gooey right out of the dropper, because my skin likes to DRINK. Seconds after application, you’ll notice it’s vanished in non-greasy fashion to begin working its magic. The thing I love about all HAs is that the results are instant—dry skin be damned and be gone. But I especially love this one’s consistency and the fact that my face is softer and smoother than ever.

I’ll sign off with a general HA best practice: Make sure you lock in all this amazing hydration with a moisturizer or facial oil, so some of the benefit doesn’t (literally) evaporate.

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