Prepped, Primed, and Proud with Winky Lux

To end the hottest July in recorded history on a high note, let’s turn to the unadulterated fun of effective skin care, whimsical makeup, and mermaids. Yes, mermaids, the hybrid sea creatures, are so hot right now. On hot summer days, don’t we all dream of swimming in the cool, soothing depths of the sea and wooing a shipwrecked sailor? In addition to the frolicking it suggests, the sea offers a cornucopia of life-giving botanical ingredients which Winky Lux, purveyor of clean, joyful beauty, has harnessed into its latest launches.

After a full summer face of foundation, Siouxsie Sioux-inspired cat liner, and humidity-wrecked pores, I’m in need of a good cleanse. Winky Lux’s new Mermaid Moisture Hydrating Cleanser, an oil-to-foam formulation boosted with sea kelp and spirulina, leaves my skin pristine, with not a trace of liner, mascara, or grime. With just half a pump, my skin is balanced and ready for the next step in my nightly skin care regime, or prepped for another spackling of make-up.

For day, after toning, a light application of the Mermaid Moisture Hydrating Face Lotion, packed with cooling marine actives, absorbs instantly for maximum hydration without greasiness or stickiness.

Sometimes, stickiness is a good thing, like when prepping for a full-face beat. The Jelly Bear Hydrating Primer, just a few dabs, evens pores, allows a seamless foundation application, and earns a place as THE BEAR NECESSITY in my make-up routine. And, yes, the primer actually smells like Gummi Bears.

All primed, prepped, and hydrated like a nautical femme-fatale, it’s time to have fun with more Winky Lux products, the ones that pay it forward with celebration for a good cause. July is Disability Pride Month, a month to celebrate the strength and resilience of the disabled community and to learn about the disability rights movement. What better way to celebrate than with a nod to the influencers and trailblazers who inspire us and remind us why makeup matters?

These disability advocates and beauty influencers have been kind enough to share the Winky Lux products they use to create their signature looks and celebrate Disability Pride Month.

Madison Lawson, a beauty writer, born with a rare form of muscular dystrophy, works with brands to make the fashion and beauty industries more accessible for people with disabilities. To create her signature looks, she turns to the Cashmere Kitten Eyeshadow Palette, a collection of nine cool-toned neutral shades in matte and shimmer textures that apply as soft and smooth as cashmere. Holographic Biscuits, an iridescent pink, Prowl, a Satin smokey plum, and Caturday, a matte gray-plum, make this palette a necessity for any kitty-obsessed beauty maven.

Ryley Fritz, diagnosed at birth with Spina Bifida myelomeningocele, found her calling in life, helping others with disabilities learn about how powerful makeup can be and that it can take the focus off one’s disability, after being gifted a Winky Lux palette for Christmas. These days she rocks the latte-inspired warm-toned neutrals in the Latte Kitten Eyeshadow Palette to create her iconic looks. With Frothy, a champagne shimmer, Brûlée, a soft matte neutral tan, and Hibiscus, a shimmery plum, it’s the perfect collection of shades for a bright day or smokey date-night beat.

Kelsey Dworchak, though born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta which prevents her body from generating collagen needed to sustain strong skin, bones, and teeth, appreciates the precious moments in life. She feels it’s her life’s mission to show the world that “beauty standards” aren’t just one thing. It’s a lesson she practices as much as she preaches. Given her liberal use of Glitter Puff Body Glitter, an eco-friendly, plastic-free all-over body sparkle, and Purrfect Pout Lipstick in Frisky, Kelsey is always disco-ready.

Out of the blue, Cailey Darling was diagnosed with Acute Macular Retinopathy, permanent blind spots in her vision, a challenge to any makeup lover. Undeterred and determined to prevail over her disability, she tricked out her lighting, magnifying mirrors, magnifying glasses, and makeup brushes to keep up with her favorite hobby. Her current beauty routine is all about Matte Point Face Powder to keep shine under control and Watermelon Jelly pH Lip Balm, a watermelon-inspired pH lip stain that creates a juicy, personalized pink pout with a matching scent on days when she can’t devote time for her special makeup application process.


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