Q&A: Founder Ere Perez Talks Clean Beauty in Hispanic Heritage Month

Ere Perez is a Mexican-Australian entrepreneur and the founder of Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics. As a young girl growing up in Mexico, her childhood was marked by inspiration from her grandfather’s traditional medicine knowledge and her mother’s home remedies. These early influences ignited her passion for nature and healing. Later, when she relocated to Australia, Perez seamlessly blended elements of her cultural heritage with her dream of creating a natural beauty line, resulting in the launch of her cosmetic brand in 2002.

Known for her commitment to creating natural and eco-friendly products, Perez’s brand is recognized for providing clean and non-toxic makeup and skincare options, and it has gained recognition for its emphasis on using natural ingredients and sustainable packaging.

As someone who is always looking for better beauty alternatives, I was excited to learn more about Ere’s approach to makeup and skincare, her cultural ties to the brand and to hear the secrets behind her success.

What inspired you to start your brand? How has your Hispanic heritage shaped the brand’s journey?

My Hispanic upbringing brings a touch of fun and flair to the brand! We infuse our brand with all the colorful energy that I grew up with. In my family, we were always on the lookout for natural options within our home, and it has ever since been a tradition that I’ve carried into Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics. We have taken the influence from Australia’s bountiful nature and eco lifestyle but have blended it with Mexico’s rich colors & vibrant culture.

Your dedication to natural, holistic ingredients, combined with your strong commitment to ethics and sustainability, is evident. What do you find most rewarding about your role in advancing the clean beauty industry?

I love inspiring others by having been given the chance to share new ideas that can make our customers rethink their ways of living and creating. Innovation can be anything that makes us thrive as a planet, a little change can make a huge difference!

One of our best sellers is our Micellar water, which is so amazing. I think about how much fossil fuels we use and ask myself, how are we able to reduce the amount Ere Perez uses. I don’t want to transport water anymore, so we are working on a new solution – so stay tuned!

Are there any ongoing efforts or partnerships your brand has to support and celebrate the Hispanic community, whether during Hispanic Heritage Month or year-round?

We have an amazing community back in Mexico, where we have one of our headquarters. We have made connections with indigenous communities who make beautiful pieces to help share our roots. In Australia, we are a proud sponsor of an organization ran by a Latin group with a leader from Colombia. Sandra Morales, who is all about sharing culture through art.

Could you share some insights into your latest products? And, if you have any personal favorites among them, what makes them stand out to you?

I love our Corn Setting Powder. “The Makeup Wheel” is a beautiful setting powder that is GMO free, made clean, and planet positive. Not to mention, the case is refillable and made from one element only, aluminum, which is infinitely recyclable. It was created having no hinges, no mirror, no glue, and no stickers. It is luxurious and very beautiful! Also, our Avocado Mascara is a beautiful, glossy mascara that has been with us for 20 years. I am so proud that it is still considered to be one of our best-sellers.

Finally, I love our award winner Coco Crayon! We ditched the lipstick and made zero waste, beautifully pigmented, lip and cheek, creamy crayon that lasts and delivers with no waste. With vibrant colorful shades just like our culture!

As a pioneer in clean beauty, what advice would you offer to aspiring Hispanic entrepreneurs who want to make a positive impact in the industry and beyond?

If we do a little every day in 100 days, you get to a hundred percent! We must use our ability to create with what we have. Our story is hundred percent raw. Passion, dedication, and love to an idea. No business ever plans its investors or has any big cash, we just wanted to do it and be heard.

Shop Ere Perez products at the brand’s website or at Ulta.