Sigma Beauty Detail Blending Brushes

Sigma Beauty’s brushes are artisanal and essential tools. The brand has dropped smaller versions if its best-selling eye brushes so that you can do more detail work around your eyes and with all shadow formulas. So if you are the type that isn’t diligent about cleaning your tools and thus wears them out or are simply in the market for a new set of brushes, well, you are in luck with these “juniors.”

The E27 Detail Blending Brush will buff and blend any harsh lines of demarcation. The E33 Detail Diffused Crease has a tapered head so you can diffuse color for a soft-focus finish. The E42 Precision Firm Blender allows you to apply, combine, and blend shades for a custom look. You can get them all in the brand’s Sigma Beauty Ultimate Blending Brush Set that includes the six standard and smaller, detail brushes. The set is pro quality and ultimately a perfect match for any and every palette, product, and formula.