Simplify Your Makeup Routine with trèStiQue

Simplify your makeup routine without sacrificing quality with trèStiQue’s makeup collection. All products are vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, D5-free, synthetic fragrance-free and paraben-free. And this April, you can store your trèStiQue makeup in eco-conscious and sustainable packaging, with cases made from recycled water bottles, ink that is soy-based and paper derived from renewable forests.

trèStiQue’s Deluxe Le Pak Bag is sleek, portable and only $25! And best of all is that 100% of the bag’s outer shell is made from a recycled water bottle, meaning you can look and feel fantastic knowing that one fewer plastic water bottle will pollute our oceans! The bag fits up to 10 full-size trèStiQue makeup crayons with custom magnetic seal caps and has a built-in mirror for a simple application, whether you’re at home or on the go.

trèStiQue’s makeup routine will have your face looking flawless in a matter of minutes with eight two-in-one products:

trèStiQue’s Tinted Face Stick + Built-in Blender includes a moisturizer and an antibacterial blending sponge for smooth coverage in six different shades.

trèStiQue’s Concealer Crayon + Built-in Blender comes with an antibacterial blending sponge and lightly glides on the skin for coverage, correction and concealing in three different shades.

Choose One Cheek Stick:

trèStiQue’s Blush Stick + Built-in Brush has a moisturizing, buildable cream-gel formula that allows for multiple layers of color to be easily applied to the skin in three different shades.

trèStiQue’s Highlight Stick + Built-in Sponge accentuates features with a cream-gel formula that leaves a subtle shimmer in two different shades.

trèStiQue’s Bronzer Stick + Built-in Brush results in a bronze, contoured look that is finished with a cream-powder.

trèStiQue’s Shadow Crayon + Built-in Smudger blends without creasing or primer to create long-lasting looks that can be styled as desired in six different shades.

trèStiQue’s Eye Pencil + Built-in Smudger/Sharpener lasts for 16 hours, is precise yet gentle, and is designed for a variety of looks in three different shades.

trèStiQue’s Brow Pencil + Built-in Tinted Gel shapes, defines, sculpts and sets brows in three different shades.

trèStiQue’s Curler + Lash-Enhancing Mascara curls, volumizes and enhances lashes all in one!

Choose From Either Matte Lip Crayon or Lip Glaze Crayon

trèStiQue’s Matte Lip Crayon + Built-in Shiny BB Balm moistens lips with a BB balm for a kiss of color and glossy shine in six different shades.

trèStiQue’s Lip Glaze Crayon + Built-in Lip Prime expertly primes and glosses lips, staining them in six different shades.


Gemma Lolos

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