Smith & Cult Glitter Shot All-Over Glitter Crush

Glitter can be grown up, as long as it’s done properly. Smith & Cult’s All-Over Glitter Crush is a full-coverage glitter paste with multi-sized particles. You swipe your finger over the compact and smooth it across skin. But what makes this glitter stand out from its peers is that there is ZERO fallout. Like none whatsoever.

The quick dry formula ensures that the glitter goes exactly where you place it on your body — and stays there until you remove it easily with water. The Glitter Shot is perfect for festival season or special summer occasions where you want a little glimmer and shimmer. You can swipe on your face, on your shoulders, or your décolletage for a little surprise shot of sparkle. It’s not an everyday product but it sure is fun and easy to use.