Sunkissed with Gen See

Meet Gen See. This dynamic makeup brand formulates products that are cruelty-free, clean, vegan, and sustainably made. Their goal is to create high-quality makeup that’s good for your skin, your wallet, and the planet. What’s better than that? 

Gen See’s Straight Flush Glow Sticks are the pop of color you need to accentuate your natural glow. The brand took two years to perfect the formulation, and their attention to detail shines through. The five colors are inspired by your face’s dewy glow after a day at the beach or after your favorite workout class. This multi-faceted product can highlight different areas of your face, including your lips, cheeks, brow bones, forehead, and nose. 

Pop the cap and twist to reveal the color within. Each shade glides on with ease, like a jet ski on open water. The cream color blends easily into a powder finish, without disrupting your SPF and foundation. In addition to creating a healthy flush aesthetic, each cream stick has nourishing active ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid

Gen See truly hit the mark with their colors. Each color has a vibrant aesthetic that fades to a subtle, powdery finish. These sticks have buildable color, so you can add on to your heart’s content. You won’t need a photo filter with these lovely pigmented shades. 

Bloom has a mauve tint that gives a cool, sophisticated finish. For a pretty-in-pink flush, try Punch’s rosy hue. The bright pink fades to a dusty coral, reminiscent of mermaid scales. Candlelight has a golden metallic finish that pops like stardust. These three colors are versatile enough to work with any color palette.   

Terra and Sunkissed are shades formulated for medium to dark skin tones. Sunkissed’s golden tan shade has a shimmering, clay-like finish. There’s a subtle hint of rose gold in the formula that gleams in sunlight. Terra’s alluring earthy tone has a glittery bronze threaded throughout.   


Each blush stick comes in a lightweight, minimalist container with groovy, 70s-style lettering. The container has a vintage lean with a modern aesthetic. The five colors in the collection are timeless classics. Pack Gen See’s Straight Flush Glow Sticks in your makeup bag for versatile color options all summer long. 

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