5 Essential Makeup Bag Products

As fellow beauty lovers, we all know that we can’t function through the day without that little makeup pouch hidden in our bags. It has our absolute favorite products handy for touch-ups. How do we keep our bag organized but also make sure we have the products that we need throughout the day?

The first step to combating the overly messy makeup bag is the organizer itself. You want to make sure you have enough pockets to have everything in a certain space. Then if you need to grab a specific product, you know exactly where it is. Oh, mascara? Pocket to the right. Lipstick on the left.

The new-to-market OTM specializes in creating a cosmetics bag that is chic enough to take out on the town and smart enough to keep your on-the-go essentials intact. With its temperature-controlled technology, the cosmetic bag keeps products protected from extreme heat or cold so your favorite lipstick won’t melt or your foundation won’t freeze up. Crafted with vegan saffiano leather, OTM created 3 versatile styles crafted with etched gold halware, a spacious interior pocket, and two smaller pockets making it a functional product for your beauty needs.

The second step to ensuring a pleasant touch up experience is to figure out which products are as versatile as your bag itself. This means you can’t have a different foundation for every finish. Of course, there will be exceptions like lipstick and gloss, but don’t make exceptions for every product in your bag. Think about how your skin changes throughout the year and then pick one holy grail product that you see yourself using throughout all the seasons. This can mean your foundation, eyeshadow palette, blush, and mascara. Here are some suggestions for versatile products that will get you through a night out or a day at work:

For complexion, it all depends on your preference. If you want something that’s full coverage, you are going to want to go with a foundation. If you want something that’s more sheer, go with a BB cream or tinted moisturizer.

The MyCHELLE Sun Shield Liquid SPF 30 creates a great tint while also making your face look flawless. The smooth finish will keep your face looking fresh and protected with UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection. The liquid tint also performs as an amazing foundation with a matte finish because of its bentonite clay that absorbs excess oil from the skin. It blends right into your skin for a perfect glow and flawless texture.

For your eyeshadow palette, choose something that is neutral based. By having a small eyeshadow compact, you are able to refresh your look with soft tones. In the winter, we could gravitate towards more dark looks like smokey eyes and in the warmer months, we might go with little to no eyeshadow with touches of shimmering tones in the inner corners. By having a neutral palette, you can still achieve both looks without carrying around multiple palettes.

Fenty Beauty just released their Sun Stalk’r Face + Eye Bronzer & Highlighter Palette and I am not exaggerating when I say it is the perfect addition to your makeup bag. The limited-edition palette is designed to be your new daily go-to while flattering all skin tones and bringing to life an instant sun-soaked glow. It includes five fan favorite warm shades of bronzer with two never-before-seen highlighter shades that allow you to create any kind of look you want from natural to multidimensional.

It’s safe to say that the majority of us have a different blush color we use for the winter and summer. Just like our skin color changes between the seasons, so does how much we want our skin to have a flushed look.

Heres a blush palette you can use: Youthforia’s BYO Blush. The color-changing blush oil creates a perfect universal shade of blush by using your skin’s natural PH level. This versatile product is lightweight and has a fast absorbing texture so it can be worn alone or on top of foundation for youthful vibrancy. It has buildable color and can be mixed with your foundation for a tonal liquid blush, or with your concealer for a unique under eye color corrector.

Mascaras can be that one thing we slowly start collecting without realizing it, and once we find one we love, we tend to just leave the others in our bag, creating meaningless clutter. Don’t be scared to throw out a product if it’s not doing anything for you anymore! With mascara, we all have the same goal: thick, long, and full lashes. The Lip Bar just released their Big Timer Volumizing Mascara, which lifts and nourishes your lashes with no fuss. The brand’s new formula makes the shortest of lashes have effortless volume and length in seconds. With a 6 mil hollow fiber brush, the applicator has a dual curved brush for lash lifting and curling with a straight brush that lengthens the lash for show stopping definition. The product is enriched with B5 to improve your lashes texture, sheen, and volume.