The Beautifect Box: Lighting Up Each Morning’s Makeup Routine

Every regular makeup-user goes through at least three phases in life. The first stage is stealth. When I was thirteen I’d sneak into my mom’s en-suite bathroom, careful not to wake her in the early hours of the morning. I’d rummage through her drawers as silently as possible, looking for the basics: concealer, blush, mascara, eyebrow pencil. Without turning the lights on, I’d rapidly apply the concealer to my non-existent ‘blemishes,’ leave unblended blush on the apples of my cheeks, coat my lashes in wet mascara, and over-line my eyebrows until they were shades darker than they naturally were. I’d sneak out of the bathroom practically unrecognizable, looking a bit like a child-clown. I’d go to school and of course, lie to my friends and say that I’m au naturale.

The following phase is exploration. I had discovered that putting the lights on was necessary to the process of doing one’s makeup. In tenth grade, I began every morning by leaning over my sink to see myself in the bathroom mirror. I’d drag a dull pencil of black eyeliner over each lid, leaving a thick and asymmetrical wing on both sides. I wore this look for months on end – only marginally increasing my precision as each day progressed.

The final process involves understanding, acceptance, and consistency. At this point, you truly comprehend the power of effective lighting. You know which products are reliable, and how to apply them to fit your personal needs and desires. You may have a daytime look, an evening look, a going-out look. Full glam or ‘no-makeup’ makeup. You have the skills in your toolbox to execute these tasks. But do you have the actual toolbox that you need?

The Beautifect Box is a compact makeup box with an impeccable lighting system. The box is both portable, due to the useful handle, and sturdy. The case is durable and closes with a firm clasp, as opposed to a zipper, which I very much prefer. However, it is the lighting system that seals the deal for me. Fixed with five different settings, the Beautifect Box accurately simulates different times of day. They even incorporate an “office light” setting, imitating harsh overhead LEDs so that you have an idea of what your makeup will look like at work ahead of time. The brightness is also adjustable, so if you have to wake up earlier than others in your space, you won’t have to worry about too much light. The box is rechargeable with a USB-C cable included with purchase. The battery-life is extremely long, lasting up to a week with intermittent use.

Another thing I love about the Beautifect Box is its organized design. Throughout my aforementioned makeup evolution, I’ve always had a problem with keeping organized. I would constantly misplace my favorite lip liners, and mix up which mascara tubes were empty and which were brand new. When I got to college, it became even worse as groups of girlfriends and I would get ready to go out together. Now that I have the Beautifect Box, I no longer have this issue. There are four sections in the central part of the box that differ in size for your differently-shaped products. Two dual-function panels fold out to reveal storage space for pencils and brushes.

With the Beautifect Box, which you can purchase here, I never worry about my products getting misplaced or broken. I no longer fear that I’ve not matched my skin-tone correctly as I pull into work or school. And, best of all, I am able to bring this tool to share with my friends, due to its portability. Overall, I’m so happy that the Beautifect Box is now a part of my everyday routine. And no matter how embarrassing, I’m so grateful for the phases that led me to this point.