The Liquid Pen Bundle: The Eyes Have It

As a passionate makeup enthusiast always seeking innovative products to elevate my beauty routine, stumbling upon The Liquid Pen Bundle from Shades by Shan was an absolute delight. This product has genuinely left a lasting impression on me with its exceptional performance.

The blue eyeliner, in particular, has been a game-changer, enabling me to effortlessly craft stunning cat-eye looks that add a splash of color and drama to my overall appearance. Whether I’m aiming for a subtle and sophisticated liner for everyday wear or a bold and striking wing for those special occasions, this eyeliner fulfills every expectation with ease.

What’s truly remarkable about this product is its staying power. The smudge- and water-resistant formula ensure that my eye makeup stays intact throughout the day and night without any annoying smudging or fading. I’ve worn it on hot, humid days, and it still looked as fresh as when I first applied it.

The fact that The Liquid Pen Bundle is proudly vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free is a major plus for me. I appreciate companies that prioritize ethical and clean beauty, making it a guilt-free purchase. The bundle also offers versatility with its two shades, Black Onyx, and Sapphire. Black Onyx provides the classic and timeless black eyeliner look, while Sapphire adds a unique and captivating touch with its deep royal blue hue. Both shades are highly pigmented, gliding on smoothly without any tugging or pulling, making the application a breeze.

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