Urban Decay Quickie Concealer

Concealer can be a miracle product that obscures, erases, hides, and, well conceals pesky breakouts, blemishes, zits, uneven tone, or any other surface-of-the-skin issue you don’t want to look at. But if it’s not the right formula, texture, or tone, it can call even more attention to the very thing it’s trying to conceal and correct. Along comes Urban Decay’s Quickie Multi-Use Concealer, which is true to its name. You tap it on problem areas with the fat wand, buff it out with the brush tip, and you get a natural looking finish. The liquid formula blends beautifully and is hydrating, as well. I tried several concealers — stick, liquid, balm, and powders to conceal a pink discoloration as my skin healed after having a benign sunspot removed under my left eye. I could never quite find a formula that truly “hid” the difference in hue until Quickie landed on my desk. Even though it’s full coverage, it’s light and creamy. But most importantly, it is effective. I don’t feel like I am caking makeup onto my face when I’m wearing it. I’ve been using it to banish under eye circles, too! Sometimes I set it with a dusting of power and other times, I just dab, buff, and go. It truly is quick and easy.