Winky Lux: CBD-Infused Gloss + More for Lips

This trio of lip lavishness from Winky Lux features a different benefit with each lip offering, so choose which works for you, or savor all of them.

Heal your lips, quell stress, and elevate your mood with Winky Lux’s CBD-infused, tinted Glazed and Infused Gloss, which multitasks in myriad ways. Prismatic shine and long-lasting color come in four shades, ranging from nude pink shimmer to electric dragon fruit. Each tube of gloss offers 50mg of cannabidiol (CBD), which means you get a micro-dose every time you apply. These glosses contain hydrating argan oil, avocado oil, Baobab oil, and Vitamin E. The CBD is each gloss is derived from sustainably sourced, USA-grown hemp and is third-party tested for purity – so, enjoy! Shades are: Berry Zen:  Dragonfruit pink, Gloss and Chill: Nude pink with a hint of shimmer, Cinnamon Sugar: Crystallized cinnamon and Love Peach: Shimmery champagne peach.

The Winky Lux Whipped Cream for Lip & Cheek doubles as both lip and cheek color. Whipped Cream Lip & Cheek complements your Spring looks with a flush of long-lasting, soft-filter pop of color for the cheeks and lips. Available in Raspberry Truffle- Rich berry pink, Gingerbread- Decadent nude with a hint of pumpkin, and Black Cherry Bourbon- Velvet rose with a hint of plum.

The Winky LuxMatcha Lip Balm in Strawberry (and other options) is a stick of nature’s powerhouse, shaped like a pudgy bullet. A mix of ultra-refreshing vegan green tea extract and coconut oil lip utilizes Earth’s freshest ingredients to repair and protect delicate lip skin. With a strawberry scent, this is perfect for Spring kisses; it goes on clear, and comes in 5 colors.

The Winky Lux promise to you is: cruelty-free, paraben free, vegan, sulfate + phthalate free, That is exactly what you want to know when putting something on your lips. Read more and order at: