Winter hack with Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops

Here’s how I’m tricking my brain for the winter by using Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Natural Glow Face Drops

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops in Shade Light, Medium and Dark with product on reflective surface

With the winter season coming ( because fall seems to last two weeks once the summer ends ), panic sets in early for me. As in September. However, this time I’m prepared. The lackluster number of beach visits from the summer definitely set me back. But who said it had to end there?

This winter ( and fall ) I’m using the TikTok gone-viral Natural Glow Self Tanning Drops from Isle of Paradise. Seen and heard across all of social media, if you haven’t tried these yet – you should.

Isle of Paradise managed to create a brightening self tanning oil that makes it incredibly easy to include into your already existing beauty routine.

Isle of Paradise Natural Glow Face Drops Specs

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops Light, Medium and Dark against bathroom tile

The Isle of Paradise self tanning drops multi-task with DHA, which evens the skin tone, Vitamin C, in the form of Ascorbic Acid that reduces dark spots, and Avocado, which helps with hydration in the skin.

The drops come in three shades – Light, Medium and Dark that come in pink, blue and purple bottles respectively.

The tan takes full effect after 24 hours, but you may notice it as early as 3.

The drops are customizable. Each drop added makes your tan deeper.

How To Use the Self Tanning Drops

There are many ways to customize your tan from subtle glow to “just came back from the Caribbean”. For the winter, I decided to go for the Light shade.

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops in Shade Light on Model
Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops in Shade Light

Prep ( Optional )

You can exfoliate beforehand, especially if you are applying the Body Self Tanning Drops. However, for my face, I regularly use a bakuchiol serum, which already has gentle exfoliation. I would just try to have a clean dry surface. Considering this is mixed with a moisturizer, I apply these drops after I have cleansed, dried, toned, and added serum to my skin.

Applying the Self Tanning Drops

These self tanning drops work by starting light and developing a deeper hue the more drops you add. To start, use 1 to 2 drops. You then mix these with your moisturizer of choice.

I personally mix it first with my finger a bit, and spread it gently between my hands. Then I evenly apply it to my face. You can apply wherever you want that natural looking glow. The moisturizer helps to distribute the self tanner onto your skin as a carrier.

As mentioned before, you won’t see the tanning effects right away. I noticed mine first after 6 hours. With the Light shade it was very subdued and natural-looking.

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops in Shade Medium on Model
Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops in Shade Medium

Post Application

Three important notes to make here:

  1. Wash your hands after applying the mixed moisturizer tanning drop solution.
  2. DO NOT forget to put on SPF afterwards.
  3. Wait for the tan to develop

I definitely was guilty of the second one. Once I realized I forgot my sunscreen it was unfortunately once I was already out in the bright midday sun. I had to book it to Sephora, covering my face with a scarf. It was a look for sure. Tanning oils do not contain SPF so don’t forget that final crucial step if applying during the day.

It’s also important to wash your hands, otherwise the leftover product will sit and develop into a much darker tan than intended.

Lastly the note to wait – do not get discouraged if you do not notice a change. Start small and wait. The tan takes a while and it’s better to err on the side of caution with less drops than overdue the amount of product.

This also goes for making sure that it was evenly applied. If the self tanner was not mixed well into the moisturizer ( if you used it by itself or just dropped a few droplets in without premixing ), you may have patchy areas. This is because of uneven distribution. Start lighter, and for areas that are uneven, you can try to reapply the self tanner only to the areas that you want to color match.

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops in Shade Dark on Model
Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops in Shade Dark

And the results…?

Full disclosure, I’ve never used any sort of tanning outside of cooking myself on the beach. I was in awe that these drops actually created a beautiful subtle golden glow to my skin.

It was so natural I forgot I applied it, until it had faded approximately 5 – 7 days later and I was met with slightly duller skin in the mirror.

The tanning drops did add colour and a warm glow to my otherwise exhausted deposition. It also helped to even out some discoloration in my skin.

I have a light to medium skin tone, and while I wanted to start slow with the Light shade and 3 drops, I immediately felt the desire for more. My next trial of 6 drops was much more to my preference.

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops in Shade Medium dopper and bottle close up

Why use the Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops this winter?

To summarize – these drops work. They provide an even glow and are easy to incorporate into your already existing moisturizer.

Some top uses for these self-tanning drops:

  • Create a “natural tan” without much effort
  • Color match to an existing tan
  • Even out skin tone
  • Provide a light glow to brighten skin

Personally, my first and foremost reason for even trying out these viral self tanning drops was to provide a simple way to uplift my spirits during the winter time.

The dull, pale(r) skin during the colder months drags my mental state into the gutter. By applying this, I felt I could trick my brain into feeling like it just came back from the beach. Even with lack of sleep and tons of stress, the slight glow from the self tanner gave my skin that healthy golden hue. A simple change, but in the end – it did make me feel better every morning when looking in the mirror.

A simple mind game but hey – if it works, why not?

I will note, I found these fun to use but because my skin might be a bit more medium than it is light, I may upgrade to a Medium next time. More bang for your buck. However, I’m very happy with the Light shade I currently have, to just provide a little bit of glow.

But for each of these shades, remember that a little goes a long way. Start small then add more as you see fit.

Have fun adding some glow to your routine.

You can purchase your own winter saving self-tanning drops on the official Isle of Paradise website and Sephora.

Until next time, BN Beauties ~

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