Youthforia: The Brand Behind The Viral Color-Changing Blush Oil

In the past couple years, we’ve swapped our full face foundation for a quality face cleanser and our matte lipsticks for high-shine glosses. The beauty realm has become more centered around skincare and embracing our features instead of hiding them. The one concern that arises with this minimal look is finding makeup products that don’t reverse all the effort and energy we put into our skin. For everyone that wants a skin-friendly makeup line, look no further than Youthforia.

You might have heard of the brand when their BYO Blush went viral on TikTok. The product reacts to the skin’s natural pH to create the perfect shade of natural flush to the cheeks. Users were amazed as they took over social media platforms showing how the product goes on clear and customizes itself for each person. This product sent customers and brands into a frenzy and has now become the founder of the pH-balanced makeup trend. The blush oil is just one of Youthforia’s many routine-changing products.

Although they gained a lot of attention for this remarkable product, the mission of the brand is more noteworthy than any of their products. The company actually makes all their products to be equally skincare as they are makeup.

We’ve all had a night out, coming home at 3am and just wanting to lay in bed… after that long walk or Uber home, all you want to do is smack your mattress and close your eyes. Nevertheless, a good amount of us feel guilty that night or the next morning when we didn’t take our makeup off. With Youthforia, you no longer have to worry about this dilemma as each of the brand’s products is tested to be a high-quality treatment for the skin while also making you look and feel beautiful. Unlike other cosmetic products, the longer the product is on, the better it is for your skin.

Now, I know that you probably have so many questions as to how this innovative brand came to be and who came up with this life-changing idea in the first place. Well, all your questions will be answered as we sat down with Youthforia’s founder and CEO Fiona Co Chan, who shared with us her inspiration for the brand and what’s to come.

When did you first think about creating a makeup brand?

Prior to starting the brand, I had no experience in beauty and used to work in tech. The idea of the brand really came about the first week of the pandemic. I ended up being stuck in Asia at the time and it was the first week that I hadn’t put on makeup in who knows how many years.

Was there any of your own experiences with cosmetics that you used while developing Youthforia?

I’m someone who, if I’m out with my friends and having too much fun, is very guilty of falling asleep in my makeup. I thought it would be cool if we had makeup that acted like skincare as you wore it. I didn’t really understand why we kind of accept that makeup is bad for your skin. I really wanted something that would sit nicely on my skin, feel good, and that I would know while I was wearing it that it wasn’t hurting my skin.

Was there anything you took from your tech background that helped you while creating Youthforia?

I think the big thing was when I still worked in tech, I definitely saw a big shift in the industry – and having experienced that gave me the confidence to create something that had never been done before.

What specific ingredients make the mission of Youthforia achievable?

What we do differently is we created a hybrid formula where our skincare ingredients are at the functional level, and we are working with great textures that are beneficial when you’re layering them with other products.

Is there any product from the line that you’re currently obsessed with?

That’s a hard one. I think I’ll always love our color-changing Blush oil because it came from the heart. I love seeing people reacting to it and seeing it for the first time. I also love our Pregame Primer because it is one of the most innovative products that we’ve created and functions very differently from what’s already on the market. It’s usually between those two.

What is one product that you loved creating and seeing it come to life?

We just launched our new Night Off Face Wash and now I have such an appreciation for how difficult it is to make a face wash. What’s really unique about the product is that we use green tea leaves, so it grows darker over time and releases more antioxidant benefits. I’m still kind of blown away with how we were able to achieve that.

What was the best part about seeing your BYO Blush take over social media?

I loved it when people would say it was the perfect shade for them, and that it was not a shade they would have thought to buy for themselves, but it’s perfect.

Where do you see the brand going in the future, and what do you hope to achieve in that time?

I would love to do a full face of Youthforia. There are definitely many products that I will be working on for the next couple of years. I have some new ideas that I can’t wait to experiment with, since I’ve never seen any similar products. I love product development and creating something that I had never seen before in the world but have always wanted.

Is there anything that you can tell our readers about the next product coming out from the brand?

I am currently creating a foundation that I have been working on for quite a while. Eventually, I am trying to build a whole makeup routine.

The entire line of Youthforia is available online on the brand’s website and in-store at Ulta Beauty.