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Is there anyone who can’t remember what Catherine Zeta Jones looked like on the day of her wedding to Michael Douglas? The picture should refresh your memory.

The wedding had more security than most airports and nary a detail was missed. One of the most important detail, of course, was the bride’s face, which was entrusted to celebrity makeup artist and makeup studio owner, Kimara Ahnert. Being a great artist is a skill in itself, but making sure the makeup will last all day and through a gamut of emotions requires an additional level of expertise. I spoke with Kimara to get her recommendations for making your day picture perfect.

Kimara Ahnert

“The makeup is one component of the whole package – it shouldn’t be the focus. It should reflect you and your style. This isn’t the day to change your look, but to acknowledge and enhance it. For example, if red lipstick is your look then you should wear it.”

Whether you’re doing the makeup yourself or having an artist do it, Kimara strongly suggests a trial run and taking a picture to check if it’s defined enough for a photo. After all, when the ceremony and the party are over, that’s what you’ve got left – aside from your lovely husband, of course. If you’re doing the makeup yourself, take a lesson from an artist or ask a makeup savvy friend for tips.

Kimara favors having your brows professionally shaped one month prior to the wedding and then again the week of the wedding, “it gives a finished look and opens up the eyes.” For beauty prep, she advises a facial, about a month or so before the wedding, and a toning/hydrating treatment the day or week of the wedding.

The goal of your makeup’s life is eight to ten hours so there are certain steps that Kimara relies on: – If you’re oily, use a shine control, not just in the t-zone, but all over the face to absorb oil throughout the day. – Skip moisturizer, unless you’re very dry (not a step she normally suggests, just for the wedding day). – Use an oil-free, water-based, matte foundation to even out skin tone. – Eyes are one feature you need to emphasize. Start with an eye primer, like her Eye Fix, to help color last and not crease. Concealor on the lid can make the shadow color change and can look cakey.

Generally, she starts with matte shadows, and then, uses shimmer to highlight in the inner corner of the eye, center of the lid, and/or browbone. “Shimmers aren’t as high frost as they used to be. There are very sheer colors that can be worn by all ages and that don’t make the eye look creepy.”

You need some sort of liner, and matte eye shadow works best with a liner brush as it’s water resistant. You can line both top and bottom, or line the top darker and the bottom lighter. For more definition, put a little liquid liner on top of the powder. To open up the eyes use a white matte eye pencil on the inner rim of the eye.

Waterproof mascara is obviously a must as are individual false eyelashes on the outer corner of the eye. Four or five of them, brushed together with your own lashes, give an extra pop that can still be natural looking.

Other important pointers from Kimara: – Use loose/pressed powder to set the makeup. – Powder blushes stay the best, though, if you wish, you can use a cream blush underneath. – For lips, cover with foundation to act as a base. Keep in mind that the color is something you’re going to have to reapply. Line the lips, and then, fill in with lipstick. If you want some shine, a little gloss on top will do the trick.

As extra help, you can get Kimara’s Bridal Beauty Essentials from her website,, which contains her Shine Control, Eye Fix, Mascara, White Pencil, Lip Kit, Lip Seal, Blotting papers and a silver compact, along with “I Do” mints.

Kimara has her own complete line of professional makeup, brushes, and skincare at her studio where, in addition to makeup application, you can enjoy facials and massage. Visit the website or call 1-800-452-9802 for more details.

She also offers a special promotion for brides: any bride who books her wedding day makeup service with Kimara Ahnert receives 15% off on all other treatments offered at her Makeup & Skincare studio. For a bride booking her wedding makeup a year in advance, this means 15% off facials, massage, waxing, and body treatments for a full year!

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