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What’s the hidden gem in the crown of the cosmetic industry? Mineral makeup. And its exposure has been getting some great “coverage,” which is helping to make the beauty booster more mainstream. It’s becoming a rock-solid, shining star for those seeking flawless coverage that wears well—in every sense of the word. Hailed by numerous dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and licensed skincare professionals, some of the health-promoting products are designed to do wonders for super sensitive skin in addition to providing “constructive” coverage for conditions such as acne, rosacea, and any redness that might be caused from chemical peels, laser resurfacing, or microdermabrasion. Because the ingredients are not chemically enhanced, skin is apt to be less dehydrated and irritated when application and daily wear and tear takes place.

For sensitive skin souls like me, the coverage feels clean and soothing. The bounty of protective benefits that many of the lines include makes mineral makeup seem like a gift from the gods developed to bring about our inner goddesses. Foundations can be found in liquid and power forms, which offer a sheer, silky, and soft silhouette for the face that diffuses light to put us in a positive prospective from any angle. Beautiful blushes, electric eyes shades, luscious lip colors, and even mascaras that live to love your lashes are also part of many mineral makeup lines. Some of the companies crafting these cosmetic jewels in the marvelous mineral space include the following:

Bare Escentuals
Stripping down to the basics is what this line is all about. With no allergens, fragrance, preservatives, talc, or oil, Bare Escentuals’ bare Minerals Foundation is a building block for every skin type and color. It offers built-in sun protection and provides a look of luminosity that brightens your entire being. In addition to the fabulous foundation, shadows, glimmers, liner shadows, blushes, and all-over face colors are available. Lipsticks, glosses, and liner lip pencils help to provide a perfectly natural pout. Brushes designed to enhance and ease the application process are also sold as part of the cosmetic collection.

A flawless finish that will illuminate your look, as well as your skin’s well-being, is what Glominerals can give you. The mineral and antioxidant-based line is formulated from the highest-grade pigments and minerals including micronized titanium dioxide and zinc. This blend protects skin cells and fights free radicals as well as fine lines. Its collection incorporates pressed, loose, and liquid base, pencils, gloss, mascara, lipstick, concealer, camouflage, eye shadow, blush, bronzer, and shimmer dusts. Luxurious lash and lip conditioning treatments are also part of the roster, in addition to natural brushes.

La Bella Donna
La Bella Donna products do as their namesake – they bring out the beautiful woman! With ingredients that help balance the moisture content of the skin while keeping it safe from the harmful rays of the sun, this line of mineral makeup offers an excellence in coverage and wide variety of shades to choose from. In addition to ingredients such as micronized titanium dioxide, the collection contains bismuth oxychloride, which has anti-inflammatory properties to sooth the skin. There are items for the face such as foundations and concealers, as well as products for cheeks, eyes, lips, and brushes. A mineral makeup for men who like to bronze is also on hand.

Jane Iredale’s Liquid Minerals
Branching out from her signature Skin Care Makeup of mineral-powder bases, Jane Iredale has recently developed Liquid Minerals, a fluid form that has encapsulated ingredients which replenish the skin’s cellular layers. The result is that fine lines are diminished, pores are minimized, and skin tone is evened out. The time-released action of the innovative liposome technology works with the body’s temperature to provide maximum beauty benefits as the makeup is worn. Other mineral products offered by Iredale as part of The Skin Care Makeup line are bases, blushes, lip and eye items, shimmers, concealers, and a facial spritz.

Pur Minerals
Pure and simple is the makeup of Pur Minerals’ makeup. The natural elements of the mineral-based formulas here provide clean coverage that successfully shields the skin from the harmful environmental effects we face every day. The smooth texture of the minerals slides on the skin with ease. Powders, bronzers, lip and eye items, and makeup brushes are all part of the lineup. There are also assorted treatments available that target the eyes (Eye Mineral Renew) and the epidermis (Skin Renewal Mineral Serum). The Mineral Melt is a product that while removing makeup, conditions the skin and actually rebuilds your lashes.

Several of these companies’ sites provide helpful application and beauty tips to help you make the most of your mineral makeup. Sampling a few will help you find out what works best with your skin. One thing I have determined through writing this piece is that mineral makeup is for me. The color has stayed true and is long lasting. Though many formulas are water-resistant, taking any of the foundations off was easy and the coverage felt really lightweight on. I think I’ve been converted (!) and I’m glad the trials and tribulations of my battle with “traditional” brands, which can sometimes contain preservatives that pester my skin, are now a thing of my past.

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