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If you’re taking Beauty SATs, remember that nail polish and jewelry are synonyms, of sorts. Both serve as accessories and can make or break an outfit. The biggest faux pas is chipped nail polish, especially if you’re sporting dark colors. Fear not, though; we’ve tested dozens to bring you the trendiest, à¼berlasting nail polish around.

These polishes are made to last. Make sure to invest in one of these nail polish removers, as well.

British actress Kate Winslet has been flaunting her white and sheer manicures all over town. We think it’s a pretty look. Whites, pastels and sheers are the most practical shades. Not only do they make you look extremely feminine and match everything, these colors are the most forgiving if the polish starts to chip prematurely.. We are particularly enamored by YSL La Laque in a more casual #38 Moonlight White and a dressier #31 Sparkling White (shown). Laura Mercier Nail Lacquer is also noteworthy with her limited edition shades, Nude Peach and Sheer Kiss. These fast-drying polishes remain glossy days after application.

Swipe SpaRitual Lacquer Remover over your fingertips when you’re ready for a change. The formula is vegan and contains Italian red mandarin, which actually makes it smell quite pleasant (Never thought I’d say that about nail polish remover!).

Available at,, and Exhale Mind, Body, Spa, for SpaRitual products.

Essie nail polish and Naturally Clean by Essie nail polish remover are most definitely made for each other. The company’s new spring line features the fun One of a Kind coral shade and the girly, bubblegum pink Status Symbol. When tested, the color lasted almost an entire week without cracking or peeling. With so many new colors to play with, you’re going to want to switch it up. This is where the Naturally Clean by Essie nail polish remover is handy. The nail polish comes right off with this salon strength formula, yet your nails are left hydrated thanks to glycerin and eucalyptus oil. Plus, you don’t have to worry about a harsh chemical scent once you’re done. Naturally Clean will leave your digits lingering with a botanical aroma.

Available at

Bold is beautiful. Make a statement with Michael Marcus’ Relaxing by the Pool or Orly’s Rio Nights. Sure, blues and purples will make you stand out, but no matter how you paint it, these colors are confidence boosters. Come on, beauty adventure is what you need.

On the other hand, when you’re done experimenting with your wild side, use OPI Polish Remover with Aloe Vera to wipe off the darkest shades without streaking or staining. This formula has polish removing superpowers, but actually leaves cuticles soft, not dry.

Available at, and Takashimaya New York.

When it comes to luxury nail care, opt for Borghese Nail Lacquer. Its formula contains micronized semi-precious gems, for reflective shine, and a unique Acqua di Vita Complex that ensures that nails remain hydrated, not brittle. Even the applicator is customized; the Duale Curve Tip Brush works to hug the shape of each nail, and in turn, helps avoid smears and mistakes.

Continue to pamper yourself even as you take off the polish. Priti Organic Spa makes its own polish remover. The 100% biodegradable formula is naturally derived from corn and soy, and has no trace of carcinogens. Additionally, Priti polish remover is made with orange oil, which is said to promote nail growth.

Available at and, and

Brooklyn is home to Duri – so it’s not surprising that the nail polish is tough. We love Girl Power because it makes a statement, but in a graceful sort of way. The nail polish went on smoothly, and stayed that way for days. Since Duri polishes are not super glossy -they’re just shiny enough – you don’t have to worry about dulling.

We also recommend you keep the ProStrong duo under your bathroom sink. The set contains ProLiposome polish remover (known to lift color off gently), as well as ProFix, a corrector pen that’s ready to fix mistakes, big or small.

Available at and

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