MEMOIRS of a GEISHA Collection

The partnership between Fresh and Columbia Pictures/DreamWorks Films/Spyglass Entertainment has produced Memoirs of a Geisha beauty collection. Like its namesake, the collection was inspired, by the soon to be released film “MEMOIRS of a GEISHA” ( The film is about Nitta Sayuri, a young girl who transcends her fishing-village roots and becomes one of Japan’s most celebrated geisha. The new beauty collection intends to represent the films uniqueness and sensuality, as well as epitomize the innovative ideas of Fresh. Drawing from their influence of Japanese culture and tradition, Fresh has now transformed the vision of the movie in this new collection, which is sure to draw out the grace, serenity and inner beauty of any woman.

Fresh‘s vision, for the Memoirs of a Geisha beauty collection, is to reflect both the fundamental elements of Asian beauty along with the remarkable visuals created, by director Rob Marshall. The packaging, for the new collection, was inspired by the kimono worn by Ziyi Zhang (Nitta Sayuri) in the film. Set against a vibrant pink, the packaging features a delicate cherry blossom design with a white dove and the Japanese symbol for beauty. The collection includes, but is not limited to, Bath with Sake, Rice Face Wash, Flower Petal Mask, Shimmer Powder with Crushed Pearls and a Beauty Face Palette. Everything a woman needs to transform herself into a seductive geisha.

Thousand of years ago, it was Japanese tradition to bathe in Sake. Known to be enriched with minerals and amino acids, Sake detoxifies, softens and soothes the skin. With inspiration, from the film, and its knowledge of ancient Japanese culture, Fresh developed Bath with Sake. Although the primary ingredient is Sake, Fresh decided to incorporate natural skincare ingredients, in the Bath with Sake. Radish root, valerian root and melissa extract tone and renew skin. Pine extract and ginger root relax weary muscles. Apricot kernel oil and sesame seed oils, hydrate and soften skin. To complete the bathing experience, Fresh has added, the scent of jasmine flower, white peach and rose. Not only rejuvenating your skin, but your mind as well with its exotic scent.

Geisha believed that the cleansing ritual, of the skin, was very important. They used the first water of rice to gently cleanse their skin. While most facial cleaners don’t exfoliate and most exfoliaters hurt your skin, Fresh’s Rice Fash Wash is a perfect combination of both. The talc-like powder is a superfine rice starch combined with powdered rice barn. Once combined with water it transforms in to a creamy emulsion that gently cleans and removes dead skin cells from your face. Fresh has borrowed, from the earth, plant extracts and botanicals to add additional benefits. Extracts of white lily, camellia and honeysuckle stimulate and soften your skin. Aloe soothes inflammation, apricot kernel and sunflower seed oils restore elasticity. Green tea extract acts as an antioxidant and peach fruit extract restores suppleness to the skin. After using, your skin is left fresh, “squeaky” clean and glowing.

Nothing but the finest, and most luxurious for the Geisha. They had extensive and elaborate beauty treatments. This was necessary if they were to seduce, and hypnotize, the richest and most powerful men in Asia. Incorporating many of the Geisha’s rituals Fresh was inspired, to develop, the Flower Petal Mask. Unlike other face masks that need to be peeled off, or harden on your face the Flower Petal Mask has delicate petals that melt into your skin and need only be gently washed off. Petals are not the only magical ingredient in this mask. Crushed hibiscus and peony flowers, retain skin’s moisture and tightens pores. Anti-inflammatory chamomile flower extract soothes skin. Green tea extract stimulates blood flow and protects skin. In addition, Fresh has added an advanced micro micro-algae extract to help protect against dehydration. For an aromatherapy effect, the mask is infused with sheer jasmine flower, white peach and rose absolute.

The Geisha were seductive. Never revealing too much, but just enough to tempt, tease. Their kimono would slip away and reveal very subtle areas. The Shimmer Powder with Crushed Pearl was designed to give skin an alluring radiance, any time, just like the Geisha, even the most subdued part of the body is revealed. The powder is sheer and translucent. Containing the highest content of crushed pearl and mineral based pigments, it gives the skin the iridescence of a pearl. In addition, it is enriched with camellia seed oil, soothing aloe and vitamins A and E. The Shimmer Powder with Crushed Pearl, is scented just like the Bath and Petal Mask, so no other scent is necessary. Guaranteed, to bring the seductress right out of you.

Make-up application was a ritualistic experience for the Geisha. Using their fingertips they gently applied vivid pigments to their face. They transformed themselves into exquisite creatures that could capture the eye of any man. The Beauty Face Palette was designed specifically to emulate the sensual allure of the Geisha. Each palette combines three beauty essentials. Enriched with evening primrose seed oil, and meadowfoam seed oil, Satin Luster gives sheer radiance to the complexion. The Blush Cream, in Portrait of Lady, hydrates with chamomile, calendula and rose. Finally, the Gloss Absolute, in Desire, shines and plumps your lips leaving them looking succulant. The gloss is also filled with pomegranate extract, which acts as an antioxidant. Vitamin E soothes and there is a hint of citrus for flavoring. Everything you need, in a convenient package, to transform yourself.

Included in the Memoirs of a Geisha collection are also Gift Sets. The entire collection, retails between $32 to $125 dollars. Fresh’s collection, a snapshot of the films beauty, is available at Fresh stores,, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora and Bath and Body Works Flagship stores now. The film is due in theaters on December 9th.